The Burying Party, review

Based on war poet Wilfred Owen, The Burying Party shows the deep seeded trauma of war as he considers going back to put his life on the line.

Wlifred Owen is considered one of the most well-known and highly acclaimed First World war poets however not everyone will know of his story. The Burying Party smartly conveys his life with beauty and accuracy, including his longing to go back to the war and his sexuality in understated ways.

Focusing on Wilfred (Matthew Staite) as he meets certain literary figures during the final years of his life, the film flicks between past memories of the war and his present life in which he contemplates going back. During these scenes we occasionally hear voiceovers of his poems which create an atmosphere like no other. Ordinarily techinques like this are employed to give some form of exposition rather than what director Richard Weston has done which is to have them as an accompanying piece, to assist with the mood and tone.

It swiftly deals with the effects of war, including PTSD as well as that sense of missing the conflict, something which is more common than you may think. Creating some beautiful scenery to go with such difficult issues, the contrast works well as Cinematographer Meurig Marshall crafts his shot and never wastes a chance to show off the view. 

An interesting look at the First World war and what soldiers went through, whether it was during a conflict, its aftermath or being home, The Burying Party is a perfect example of dealing with certain issues in a short amount of time but whilst also making you realise just how difficult things would have been.

4 out of 5.

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Me, Myself and My Blog

With this being my 300th blog post I thought I’d write something different. Something that may help others because I’m someone who understands how difficult it can be to maintain a blog, especially if you feel you’re not quite represented enough. As someone of Indian heritage writing a film blog doesn’t feel like the most common thing to do but I’m happy to be the black sheep. 

Since I had a conversation in a cafe across the street from where I live with a friend of mine 6 years ago who gave me the idea to start and I haven’t looked back. Besides those times when Facebook memories forces me to confront the horrors of my earlier posts. Including one solely based on my then brand spanking new Avengers Assemble steelbook. To be fair is was and still is beautiful.

I feel I have come a long way since then and whilst I always have doubts regarding my ability to write anything interesting, witty, insightful or that anyone else will ever want to read, I continue to write. However it shouldn’t be about that really, what your writing should be, whether it’s a blog, a book, a film a TV show or just something you’re doing for yourself, it should be something you enjoy. Something you love. Something you feel passionate about (even if that’s yourself, nothing wrong with that).

I’m in a habit of slow writing, because of how I want it to sound, how I want to sound to other people. I edit as I write which makes me slow, I’m doing it right now and it’s annoying. But you know what? Again that shouldn’t matter. Write slow, write fast, write incoherently. Make it into whatever you want. Stop thinking about it, stop worrying about it and just do it!

Whilst my passion pushes me to better my writing (at least I hope it does) it’s also given me something a bit more interesting to do. I’ve manged to get onto press lists for smaller film releases, plus I cover the London Film Festival every year with a press pass I always feel lucky to have. I applied for it a few years ago and now I take some time off work, pay for my pass and watch around 16 films across 10 days. I always have the best time and this year more than ever I’ve wanted this to be my life. Going to films, writing about them, meeting people from the industry, finding a hidden gem and spending my time doing what I love the most. Blogging, whilst difficult to maintain around a full time job, makes me happy which after having either a difficult day, week, month or year, is something I can look at, something which I created and feel proud. It’s not often that I can say that, anyone who knows me understands that I am my harshest critic and worry far too much when it comes to anything. So with that here’s a few things to keep in mind when beginning and writing your own blog:

  • Think about what your really passionate about
  • Write what you want and edit it later
  • Have no distractions
  • Read other blogs
  • Be open to criticism. It helps a lot!

So I hope I’ve helped, even a little bit. I know it can be hard to start a blog when you’re unsure where to begin but when you do and you find that confidence you certainly have, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

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Captain Marvel Trailer Swoops In

It’s the next film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’s the first ever female-lead Marvel movie in the current iteration of this set of comicbook movies. Captain Marvel comes in hot with it’s first trailer and it’s pretty good. Check it out below.

As with other MCU trailers, we’ve not been given that much, essentially this is an extension on the images we’ve already seen here but with a bit more context. Starring Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, she’s joined by Gemma Chan, Jude Law, Samuel L. Jackson, Lee Pace, Ben Mendlesohn and Clark Gregg, the plot revolves around the origins of Carol Danvers. Keeping with the comicbook character, she begins as a pilot before she’s granted with superpowers as Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. One of the alien races includes the Skrulls, a shape-shifting group who can look like anyone so therefore could actually be part of the current universe. Oooooooooooooo!

This is the 21st film in the MCU, which means it’s taken 20 movies and now 11 years for their first ever female-lead movie. It’s about fucking time Marvel! COME ON! We want more of this, especially when they are as awesome as Brie Larson and EVERY WOMAN in Black Panther. Here’s hoping we get to see more of this in the future. Captain Marvel is due for release in March 2019.

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Mary Poppins Returns…With A New Trailer

Coming 54 years after the original (and they say The Incredibles 2 was long-awaited) Mary Poppins Returns has a brand new trailer, showing it’s cast in full along with nostalgic inducing 2D animation and fantasy sequences. Check out the trailer below.

The trailer shows Emily Blunt taking over the lead role from Julie Andrews as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda as the Guy With An Awful English Accent aka Jack, plus Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Colin Firth, Meryl Streep, Angela Lansbury, Julie Walters and of course the original man with the terrible English accent, Dick Van Dyke. The story takes place in depression-era London with the now grown up Jane and Michael Banks (Whishow and Mortimer) who are visited by Mary Poppins following a personal loss as she shows the family how to rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives.

Directed by Rob Marshall, the sequel is in safe hands with his previous work including Chicago and Into the Woods. His musical experience as well as obvious love for the original movie comes through clearly in the trailer. Marshall takes a writing credit along with his collaborators David Magee (Finding Neverland, Life of Pi) and John DeLuca who previously produced Into the Woods, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Chicago. The film is due for release on 19th December 2018.

What are your thoughts regarding the film, casting, trailer, the music? Do you like it? Do you think it’s another pointless sequel or are you excited by it? 

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What To See At 2018’s BFI London Film Festival

So, it’s been an exciting time recently hasn’t it?! With the release of the full BFI London Film Festival schedule, we now know what we have to look forward to. Last week the Members tickets went on sale and tomorrow the general public will also be able to buy tickets (you know, whatever is left once the Members have had at them!)

With this I thought I’d roundup what I’m most looking forward to 13 days after it’s been announced BUT 1 days before the public booking is released. There’s a staggering amount of films on offer for the 62nd year of the festival. Here’s what I think you should be watching.

Beautiful Boy

Starring Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet as father and son in this brutally heartbreaking film about a lifelong struggle with addiction. Directed by Felix van Groeningen and based on the novel of the real life father and son, the film is one of the festival’s main attractions this year. If you didn’t cry at the trailer WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!


Steve McQueen returns with his first feature film in 5 years which he has co-written with Gillian Flynn. His previous film was the Oscar winning 12 years a Slave and this time with Widows, he’s gone for a character driven action movie. Starring Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki and Carrie Coon, the quartet become widows to their criminal husbands after they are ambushed in shootout with the police. Wanting to finish what they started, the four find unexpected solidarity and empowerment as they work together.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The latest in the Cohen brother’s plethora of films, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is a Netflix film which has also received a small distribution into cinemas. Tim Blake Nelson, Liam Neeson, Tom Waits, Zoe Kazan and Bill Heck star in this western comedy drama, centred on the title character. The anthology western follow multiple storylines including a bank robber who gets his due and a gothic tale about a couple of travelling performers.

Happy New Year, Colin Burstead

As you can see from the image below, at one point this film, by Ben Wheatley, was called Colin You Anus which is a much catchier title I’m sure you’ll agree. However I assume for marketing purposes they had to change it. Oh well! Starring Joe Cole, Charles Dance, Neil Maskell and Alexandra Maria Lara, the story centres around a new years celebration in which Colin feels under threat to his position of power within his own family after the arrival of his estranged brother David.

The Elephant Queen

Shot over eight years, The Elephant Queen is a documentary about a herd of elephants. One of the mothers, Athena wants to do everything to protect them as they are forced to leave their watering hole. Narrated by Chiwetel Ejiofor, the narrative takes place across the African savannah as it tells the tale of loss, love and family.

Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché

Alice Guy-Blaché is the first ever female director, creating her debut film in 1896 at the age of 23. She then went on to write, direct or produce more than 1,000 films. This is her story.

The Favourite

The latest from director Yorgos Lanthimos, the man behind Killing of a Sacred Deer and The Lobster returns with his latest oddball movie which is part comedy, part drama, part wincing at something on screen. Starring Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone, it tells the story of early 18th century England, a frail Queen Anne (Colman) occupies the throne and her close friend Lady Sarah (Weisz) governs the country in her stead. When a new servant Abigail (Stone) arrives, her charm endears her to Sarah.

Sometimes Always Never

Starring Bill Nighy, Alice Lowe and Sam Riley, Sometimes Always Never is director Carl Hunter’s first ever feature film. He works with screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce to bring this drama to the big screen. Nighy plays Alan whose eldest son storms out of the house never to return. Years later, he and his other son (Riley) a still searching for him.

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

Being in production hell since the 80s with multiple attempts to get this project going, it’s finally been filmed and and is ready to be released by Terry Gilliam. Telling the story of Toby (Adam Driver), an advertising executive who is pulled into a fantasy world of of time jumping and a Spanish cobbler. Jonathan Pryce and Stellan Skarsgård join Driver on this psychedelic sounding break from the norm.

The Vice of Hope

A gritty and gripping depiction of someone who is striving to escape her life of vice and crime. Here, Maria (Pina Turco) a tough and determined young woman lives in a bleak neighborhood with horrible memories of childhood trauma as she deals with being a prostitute and child trafficking. Becoming used to this way of life, she find that everything changes when she falls pregnant.

Tehran: City of Love

Director and co-writer Ali Jaberansari creates a relateable trio of stories surrounding the subject of love, seen from the point of view of different people in different way. One is a woman who is unhappy with her weight but addicted to ice cream. she catfishes men she encounters at work. Another who is a funeral singer is urged to perform at weddings instead after his long-term girlfriend leaves him. Meanwhile a retired bodybuilder is cast in a film with an actor he has never heard of but who the producer claims is actually very famous. An interesting collection of stories coming from a Persian storyteller, who second feature film comes with a Q&A on the 14th October.


Starring Carey Mulligan, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ed Oxenbould, Wildlife is Paul Dano’s feature directorial debut which he co-wrote with Zoey Kazan. That’s a lot of pretty well-known names and going by the trailer, it’s going to be an emotional ride. Joe (Oxenbould) and his parents (Mulligan and Gyllenhaal) move to the suburbs in Montana after needing a change. However the teenager soon witnesses the disintegration of his parents marriage as his mother find another man.


As an Indian female police officer, Soni (Geetika Vidya Ohlyan) has seen her fare share of abusive treatment, especially when she is used as live bait in order to trap sexual predators and violent men. This calls for her to be well-equipt when it comes to self-defense, however one incident in which she is particularly hot-headed causes he to be charged with misconduct and threatens her career. An interesting sounding film in which male and female roles will be looked at and possibly defined. In a country where women are seen as second class citizens, this will be a very interesting character study.


A first for the London Film Festival, Peterloo will premiere in Manchester due to the historical importance linked with the city. Retelling the story of a peaceful protest which British forces attacked, Mike Leigh serves as writer and director. Starring Maxine Peake and Rory Kinnear, the tale of a protest of wanting reform due to the rising living costs and the hard working being ripped off which cause the government to become increasingly nervous. One for the history books me thinks.

The Little Drummer Girl (First two episodes)

A first (as far as I know) for the festival in that a couple of episodes of a TV show are going to be shown before it’s general release later this year on BBC1. Starring Michael Shannon, Alexander Skarsgård, Florence Pugh, Clare Holman and Kate Sumpter, the plot revolves around an English actor who is asked to infiltrate a group as an Israeli in order to bring an end to the series of bombings.

So there you have it! My choices for this years London Film Festival, whether I get to see any of them, well I suppose I’ll have to see. I have my eighth and final wedding (no, that’s not me getting married eight times!) of the year which is during the festival. Oh well!

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Neel’s Highlights Reel – 10th September, 2018

Happy Monday everyone! Are you all excited for this week?? No? Well you should be! I’m trying to come up with a reason why but… ANYWAY there isn’t too much this week, either there really isn’t much to share, or I’ve missed something or I’ve been lazy. You decide…

Enjoy! Have a great week!

Trailers and Poster


A bloody new poster for the upcoming remake of Suspiria which has been included on the BFI London Film Festival schedule. Exciting times!

22 July

A powerful new film by Paul Greengrass based on the 2011 attacks in Norway carried out by Anders Behring Breivik. 22 July explores the events of the day, in which 77 people lost their lives.

The Favourite

Coming to BFI London Film Festival next month, Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favourite gets a fresh new trailer and poster, both of which shows the bitter rivalry between Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz. No need to fight ladies, you can both have me!


Before Halloween received rave reviews last week, a new trailer and poster emerged. Although I think Laurie needs to look to her left…

House of Cards

A teaser from the final season of House of Cards reveals the fate of Francis Underwood. I promise not to say anything but you can probably guess…

Anna and the Apocalypse

Zombies at Christmas whilst singing and dancing. I don’t think there’s much else that I can say about this utterly insane looking film, but take a look for yourselves at this trailer for Anna and the Apocalypse.


Holy crap the trailer for Wildlife looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it! Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan together on screen with Paul Dano directing AND co-writing with Zoe Kazan, what’s not to love??



In case you missed it, the prequel to Die Hard will now be called McClane and somehow star Bruce Willis as a young police officer in his 20s. I assume they will be using the same de-aging technology on him as they did with Michael Douglas and Robert Downey Jr in the MCU

Mary Poppins Returns

Lin-Manuel Miranda appears in a new image along with Emily Blunt and co. for Mary Poppins Returns. The film is gracing cinemas in December, a full 54 years after the original was released with Emily Blunt taking on the lead role. Big shoes to fill!

Captain Marvel

Brie Larson has be revealed in full Captain Marvel costume officially for the first time in a set of new images and she looks fierce! Very excited for this film, check out the rest here.

So Much Love

Gemma Arterton is taking on the role of Dusty Springfield in a new film about the singer’s life. So Much Love, which is the directorial debut for screenplay writer Phyllis Nagy will show Dusty during her most successful time in her career.

The Walking Dead

Teasing it’s return in just a months time, The Walking Dead has a new poster and a few character images. With this being Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) final season, let’s hope he has a fitting end. 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

Lady and the Tramp

The cast for the (pointless) Lady and the Tramp live-action remake has expanded even more with the addition of Yvette Nicole Brown. She will be playing the role of Aunt Sarah and this means nothing to me because I can’t remember much about the original… 🤔

Industry News

Toymaker Mattel is launching its own film division to focus on projects based on their already well-known action figures and franchises. Yes that’s right! Lots and lots of movies about toys… Yeah it sounds shit and pointless, but here’s more on this story.


Mini Review: BlacKkKBlacKkKlansman

Starring John David Washington, Adam Driver, Laura Harriet

An African American police officers manages to successfully infiltrate the KKK after calling the local chapter.

The timing of this film is no mistake, with it being in a time when the racist far right have the most powerful man in the world backing them. An excellent film in terms of dealing with race relations and how they haven’t changed much in America since the 1970s. The drama and comedy marry together well as Spike Lee handles tonal shifts as he slickly weaves in blatant racism and everyday moments. John David Washington gives a perfectly understated performance as a man who has heard it all before and has become used to this sort of treatment.

4 out of 5.

Mini Review: The Happytime Murders

Starring Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks (voice), Maya Rudolph, Leslie David Baker

When puppets from a 90s kids TV show are being killed one by one, a former LAPD officer turned private detective takes on the case with his former partner.

It’s impossible to tell you how dreadful this film is. There’s an effort to make puppets x-rated in the way stage musical Avenue Q did but it’s not as good thanks to it’s tired jokes which we’ve seen before or for so many more which just didn’t land. There are moments which are thrown in to shock you and make you laugh but you’ll just leave the cinema feeling confused and annoyed. Avoid at all cost.

1 out of 5.

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Mattel Toys With Movie Ideas

Toymaker Mattel is launching its own film division to focus on projects based on their already well-known action figures and franchises. Producer of Dallas Buyers Club Robbie Brenner has been appointed at Executive Producer who will oversee their upcoming projects.

Ynon Kreiz, Mattel’s new chairman and CEO says, “Mattel is home to one of the world’s greatest portfolios of beloved franchises, and the creation of Mattel Films will allow us to unlock significant value across our IP. Robbie is a gifted storyteller and a highly respected filmmaker with deep relationships in entertainment. She is the perfect leader to bring our celebrated brands to life.”

As well as Dallas Buyers Club, Robbie has previously worked on 21 & Over, Escape Plan and The Space Between Us. She was also involved in the documentary Catfish and Joseph Gordon Levitt’s directorial debut Don Jon. She says, “Generations of children around the world have grown up with deep emotional connections to Mattel’s brands and characters. There are so many stories to be told and so many imaginations to be captured by these iconic brands, and I look forward to working with Ynon and his team to do so.”

Mattel are coming from behind in the movies based on toys race after Hasbro signed a deal with Michael Bay and Paramount for the Transformers movies and the release of multiple Lego movies since 2014 as well as another one currently in production due for release in February. From the toy manufacturer we’ll mostly like see properties such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Monster High, and Max Steel up on our screens.


There is something cynical about starting up your own movie studio when things don’t work out with another one. Especially in this case in which Mattel want to capatalise on the current trend of toys being made into films. Lego and Transformers have been wildly successful, one franchise is doing well purely based on the fact that it’s mindless (which seems to sell tickets) and the other at first may have seemed like an advert for the brand but has created two (I’ve not seen Nijago yet) excellently funny and entertaining movies.

If this is what Mattel is aiming for then fine, but I feel getting a studio to back you is a smarter way to do. If you have those who understand how this works, it will possibly be better. Yes the rights for Mattel ran out for Sony but there are plenty of other studios who would be interested in making a live-action Barbie movie, or craft projects for Hot Wheels, He-Man and so on.

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Captain Marvel Images Land

At the moment we are in the tenth year of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which they have recently had their 20th film released, that being Ant-Man and the Wasp. And now the MCU is growing in an even bigger way with next year’s introduction of Captain Marvel whose solo film is out in March. 

Brie Larson takes on the title role of a character who has been said to be the MCU’s most powerful Avenger. What she can do and how she becomes this mighty being is yet to be seen, will they use the comic book origins of this famed force or go down a different path? Who knows! (Well, I’m guessing those at Marvel know but they aren’t going to tell us now are they??)

In the images we see Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel in her full costume as well as where she begins as a pilot, along with an image in which she stands side by side with Jude Law whose character is Walter Lawson aka Mar-Vell. We see the return of Ronan who is once again being played by Lee Pace. The character became the primary villain in Guardians of the Galaxy, so it’ll be interesting see how he fits in. 

Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury makes an appearance with two eyes, presumably we’ll see how he loses one, perhaps after trusting someone. We’re also seeing the Skrulls for the first time who are an alien looking shapeshifting race and it’s being said that part of the MCU could be Skrulls due to their abilities to change their appearance that much. Interesting. 

So lots to go on and to keep you going until the trailer drops hopefully soon. Anyway, without further ado here’s Captain Marvel in all her wonderful glory.

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Neel’s Highlights Reel – 3rd September, 2018

Hey all! Happy to start a new week? Yeah me neither! I’m looking forward to Wednesday when it’ll feel that much closer to the weekend. You know what I’m talking about!

Multiple trailers, posters and all sorts coming out this week but the most exciting thing is the announcement of the BFI London Film Festival programme. I can’t wait to attend this year, frankly I’m hoping to network a bit more than I have done in previous years. The films, the people and all of it is a lot of fun!

Anyway, have a great week people!

Trailers and Posters

True Detective

Mahershala Ali joins the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell as he stars in the trailer for season 3 of True Detective.

A Private War

Hahahahahaha they are STILL trying to convince us that Rosamund Pike can act… Hahahahaha no… A poster and trailer for her new film, A Private War surfaced recently, and it looks like it would be good with a much better actress.


A brand new grainy poster for Overlord, the Julius Avery directed movie about two American soldiers who are behind enemy lines on D Day.

First Man

The stakes have been raised in the second trailer for Damien Chazelle’s First Man. The film is opening Venice Film Festival later today. One of the most fascinating stories of human endurance, Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) prepares himself, his team and his family as he attempts to land on the moon. There’s also a new poster for which I wrote this containing space/moon puns:

As the reviews reach for the stars and after yesterday’s new trailer takes us one small step forward towards the film, a new poster for First Man lands. Preparing to make one giant leap for his career, Ryan Gosling and the rest of you will be wondering how many more stupid moon puns will I be able to come up with. I think that’s it…


The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead returns for its 9th season in October. To whet your appetite (for zombies?? You weirdo!) here’s a new teaser, which shows a struggle in leadership 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️


The Other Side of the Wind

Coming from the late director, Orson Welles’ final film is ready, after more than 40 years of legal troubles. Finally getting a cinematic release The Other Side of the Wind will also be on Netflix. But surely this deserves to be seen on the big screen as intended.


I don’t think I knew they were rebooting Charmed on The CW. How utterly pointless…


The Front Runner

Based on real life events The Front Runner stars Hugh Jackman as American Senator Gary Hart and shows the Presidential candidate derailed after scandal hits his personal life. It looks more interesting than it sounds!

The Sister Brothers

This film completely passed me by, but what a cast! A poster for The Sisters Brothers shows John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix as Eli and Charlie Sisters, a pair of infamous sibling assassins. Also starring Riz MC and Jake Gyllenhaal


Black Lightning

A badass retro poster for the second season of Black Lightning has surfaced. I’ve never seen any of this show but I’ve heard it’s pretty good! Any of you seen it? What are your thoughts?


Captain Marvel

An interesting almost 8-bit looking promotional image for Captain Marvel has been released. Starring Brie Larson as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, the film is set in the 1990s which pre dates the entire MCU (besides Captain America).

Creed II

Adonis Creed summons the memory of his father Apollo in these nostalgic inducing set photos from Creed II. Starring Michael B Jordan as the title character, he takes on Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan who killed his father in the ring 33 years ago.


House of Cards

Coming on November 2nd to Netflix, the final season of House of Cards will end the 5 year long series. Here’s a few set images of Claire Underwood looking more Presidential than ever (of course she does, she’s the President! 🇺🇸)

The Joker

With multiple Joker movies in the works, it’s frankly becoming a pain to keep track of them. However one is is pulling out in front in terms of it’s casting with the addition of Alec Baldwin to Todd Philips’ upcoming origin film. He joins Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy, Zazie Beetz and Marc Maron on the film which begins shooting in September. Although it was announced about 24 hours later that he has since left the film. What a fickle fool!


Star Wars: Episode IX

Amazing casting news! Matt Smith will be in Star Wars: Episode IX! Woop woop! Who else would you cast in a Star Wars film??

Alex Ferguson biopic

Yeah, this is happening. I suppose because he’s has such an illustrious career, it makes sense to do it. Hopefully it’ll be as good as his time at Manchester United (SEE?! I KNOW ABOUT FOOTBALL!)

A Quiet Place 2

The inexplicable and pointless sequel to the best film of the year is still going ahead. A Quiet Place 2 has had a release date of May 15th, 2020 announced.


Exhibition at Picturehouse Central

Some very cool costumes and props from both Yardie and American Animals on display at Picturehouse Central. Go and check them out!

Industry News

BFI London Film Festival

The programme for the 62nd BFI London Film Festival was announced last week. I’m currently sifting through the enormous and exciting list to come up with a few films I’d like to see during my time off (yes I have taken a week a half off so I can attend, as I have for a few years now). Here’s the full list, my choices are coming soon.


Mini Review: BlacKkKlansman

Starring John David Washington, Adam Driver, Laura Harrier

An unbelievable true story, an African-American police officer from Colorado, successfully manages to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan with the help of a white surrogate.

The film delves into the culture of what it means to be black in 1970s America, whether racism they suffered was underlying and small, or with a huge protests, chances are every person of would be gone through something awful. Spike Lee’s film handled it excellently, with the “casual” name calling and Washington’s at times understated performance of a man who has seen it all and heard it all, and who is sick of this shit. The film’s comments on modern day America are intriguing due to the parallels in that nothing has changed, the tonal shifts were well handled, with it’s funny moments coming across as realistic as its scenes of shock. With an incredible soundtrack thrown in, this is one of the biggest must-see films of the year.

4 out of 5.

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Neel’s Highlights Reel – 28th August, 2018

With the Bank Holiday this weekend, I feel a bit confused as to what day it is. Yeah this normally goes up on a Monday and I suppose I’m a bit late! Sorry! But I hope you’re not too disappointed in me. PLEASE LOVE ME! PLEASE! No? Well fine…

Lots and lots going on this week, take a look at my roundup of trailers, news and all sorts including a few London Film Festival announcements, trailers for Suspiria, The Land of Steady Habits and Slice, plus posters for Widows, Bad Times at the El Royale and much more!

Have a great week!

Trailers and Posters




The rather nutty looking Slice, which deals with a murdered pizza delivery boy, has a full trailer which is as odd as you’d expect…

King of Thieves

The gold standard for movie posters, here’s a new one for King of Thieves, although it’s probably not the best idea to have the names Courtenay and Cox right next to each other…


What exactly has happened to the campaign for Suspiria?? We’ve had some interesting visuals come through but now there are these boring ass posters! What’s going on?? Did I miss something?? However Luca Guadagnino’s remake of Suspiria has also received a brand new trailer which not only looks better than these shite posters but also, delves deep into the darkness of a twisted world-renowned dance company.

The Favourite

The Favourite gets a new international poster, which is very much in-keeping with the off-kilter tone of its trailer. Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, and starring Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz, the film is getting its UK premiere at the BFI London Film Festival in October before its general release on January 1st, 2019.

Bad Time at the El Royale

All roads (or red carpets, or painted red lines. I’m unsure what this is) lead to the El Royale. The cast make their way to the rundown hotel in this new poster

The Land of Steady Habits

The poster AND trailer (I know, I’m spoiling you!) for The Land of Steady Habits have been released. Starring the  always excellent and watchable Ben Mendelsohn, he portrays Anders Hill who is, on his search for a renewed lust for life, quits his job and leaves his wife.

Holmes and Watson

Of course this is going to be very different to what we’re used to seeing when it comes to Holmes and Watson but unsurprisingly this is starting to look pretty stupid! Unless I’m just not down with the kids… Oh and I wonder if THIS will be take down like it was on my Twitter. Fuck you for that, Columbia.

Detective Pikachu

Starring Ryan Reynolds, based on the 2016 game of the same name and I still don’t get it. Can someone explain Detective Pikachu to me please? Is this a detective version of the famous Pokémon character? OR was he always a detective but I didn’t know because I’ve never seen it… HALP!

The Old Man & the Gun

The Old Man & the Gun will be Robert Redford’s final film after announcing his retirement earlier this year. What a film to go out on, really looking forward to this!

The Man Who Killed Hitler and then Bigfoot

Who else are you going to get to kill Big Foot after he becomes a legendary war veteran for killing Hitler? Sam Elliott is the only man for the job in this batshit looking film! Robert Kryzkowski makes his feature debut as director in which Ron Livingston and Aidan Turner also star.


Ant-Man and the Wasp mural

Yeah okay this isn’t exactly news but if you are ever in London, check this mural out, it’s by Jim Vision and on Hanbury Street, near Liverpool Street station. Take a look!

Top Gun 2

Jon Hamm AND Ed Harris AND Lewis Pullman are in the danger zone after being cast in Top Gun 2. Now sing it! “HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE!”

The New World

Sharon Horgan is making her feature film directorial debut with The New World. The story, which is being adapted from the novel of the same name, shows Jane dealing with her husband’s death who had his head frozen in a bid to do away with mortality. Interesting!

The Walking Dead

Set stills from season 9 of The Walking Dead shows life after their war with Negan and the Saviors. With this being Andrew Lincoln’s final time round as Rick, we’ll have to see how they end his story (don’t just turn him into a zombie…

Wonder Woman 1984

After saying he’s done with scoring superhero movies, Hans Zimmer is returning to the DCEU with the announcement that he’s creating the music for Wonder Woman 1984

Star Wars: Episode IX

Dominic Monaghan is no longer lost as he reunites with JJ Abrams who *ahem* found him a role in Star Wars: Episode IX. His role is unknown as production has begun on the final film in the Skywalker saga.

Industry News

Gaspar Noés Climax to close Fright Fest

I’m pretty sure it’s already closed but it was announced that Fright Fest was closing with Climax, Gasper Noés’ new film about which you can read more here.

Peter Jackson’s World War I Documentary To Premiere At The BFI London Film Festival

It’s been announced that Peter Jackson’s World War I documentary is called They Shall Not Grow Old and will have its world premiere at the 62nd BFI London Film Festival on October 16th with a Q&A Peter Jackson hosted by Mark Kermode. Check out more about the film here.

Danny Boyle Leave James Bond

In incredibly frustrating and annoying news, it’s been announced that Danny Boyle has left James Bond 25 due to, that old chestnut, creative differences. Here’s more on the story.

BFI Announces New Academy For Students.

The BFI has opened up 900 placements for students aged between 16 – 19 who are looking to start their film career. If you’re interested check out more here.


Mini Review: The Meg

Starring Jason Statham, Bingbing Li, Rainn Wilson

Five years after being attacked by a 70 foot shark, Jonas Taylor (Statham) has to battle nature once again after the Megalodon resurfaces to continue it’s reign of terror.

As far as silly shark films go, we’ve got plenty thanks to the ever-lasting Sharknado series (although their upcoming 6th film is said to be the last in the franchise). However due to Statham’s nature this could have been a different type of fun. But it ultimately takes itself too seriously by including emotional moments and desperate attempts at being dramatic. With a handful of laugh out loud moments and a much better marketing campaign than film, it seems The Meg doesn’t quite swim.

2 out of 5.

 Keep. It. Reel.