Weekly Round-Up: 24th June, 2018

Well, well, well, it’s that time of the week again! However I must admit I’ve been a bit lazy this week, I’ve not shared as much but to be fair I was ill. Give me a break! Anyway, this week, we see Creed vs. Drago (is it 1985 again??), John Lasseter’s replacements have been announced, Tom Holland “accidentally” reveals the title of the next Spider-Man film and of course much much more!

Trailers and Posters

Creed II

The sequel to Creed is coming, with a fighting chance of being better than the original. Still looking for validation in and outside of the ring, Adonis comes back as history repeats itself. Check out the trailer and poster below.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Yeah, there’s yet another couple of posters for the upcoming 20th MCU film (WHICH WE HAVE TO WAIT AN EXTRA MONTH FOR but I’m not bitter…) *sigh* Anyway, here are the posters, it’s pretty cool but what more can I say now??

The Meg

It’s impossible to tell you how excited I am for this film, it looks beyond stupid! But Jason Statham punching A MASSIVE SHARK in the face?? That’s high quality entertainment right there. Here’s Meg trying to swallow anything ot can…

Welcome to Marwen

Whilst it may not sound as if it’ll work as a film, the premise of Welcome to Marwen is a man uses dolls (or as some are calling an art installation) to get past a traumatic attack in which he loses his memory. Drawing on his real life, Mark Hogancamp (Steve Carell) bases these characters on those in his real life. Take a look at the trailer below.



Jamie Bell has been cast as Elton John’s longtime songwriting collaborator Bernie Taupin in the semi biographical film, Rocketman. Loosely based on his life and his music together, this is being pegged as a musical rather than a straight adaptation of Elton John’s life. Here’s hoping we see some moves from the former Billy Elliot actor 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

I’m so sorry everyone but a third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film is in the making with Paramount hiring writer Andrew Dodge to create a new script. Just leave it alone! 

Nothing Like a Dame

If you’ve not had a chance to catch it yet, Nothing Like a Dame is on BBC iPlayer now until 2nd July. Do yourself a favour, ignore the football and swap it for something decent to watch. Enjoy!

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Tom Holland has apparently revealed the title for the the next Spider-Man film after holding up this during an Instagram video. It looks like the sequel will be called Far From Home however there has been no confirmation on if this the final name. If it is, I wonder how far they are talking because it’s not like he can get any further away at the moment…


LUUUUUUFFFFFFAAAAAAAAA is coming back to BBC as it’s been announced Idris Elba is reprising his role for season 5. Four episodes have been confirmed for the new season which should be on our screens this year. Series creator Neil Cross says, “We missed some old friends. And we wanted to make the biggest, scariest, darkest, most thrilling series of Luther there’s ever been. So that’s what we’ve come back to do.” Dermot Crowley, Michael Smiley and Patrick Malahide are all back as DSU Martin Schenk, Benny Silver and George Cornelius, with recent recruit Wunmi Mosaku as DS Catherine Halliday.


Industry News

Pete Docter and Jennifer Lee announced as John Lasseter’s replacements

After announcing that he will be leaving at the end of the year, John Lasseter’s replacments have been announced as Pete Docter and Jennifer Lee. The pair have worked at Disney and Pixar for quite some time, both creating some of the studios most famous films. Here’s more on the story which broke earlier this week.

Lucasfilm Deny Spinoffs Are On Hold

After Solo’s “poor” reception at the box office, it was being rumoured that the spin-offs were on hold so that Lucasfilm could focus on Episode IX and other projects. However they were very quick to deny this, which makes sense seeing how previous rumours got out of control. You can read more about the story here.

Diversity Still Needs a lot of Work 

Frankly this will surprise no one, but diversity in movies released in 2017 was pretty poor. The Director’s Guild of America (DGA) released a data analysis this week which shows that only 16% of films from last year were directed by women. Check out more on this report and what DGA President Thomas Schlamme had to say on its findings here.



Mini review: Ocean’s Eight.

After spending more than 5 years in prison, Debbie Ocean reveals a plot to steal a $150m necklace from the Met gala. As she puts her team together you get the impression that this is just taking parts from the 2001 film and recycling them.

The entire plan never feels very as well planned as they were in the George Clooney days, it’s a heist movie without ever feeling like one. Whilst there are a few enjoyable moments, it’s a shame to see such a superb ensemble cast wasted on a weak script with forced links to the original trilogy. And James Corden needs to fuck off.

2 out of 5

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Lack Of Diversity Still Rampant Says Report From Directors Guild Of America

Just 16% of films were directed by women last year, according to a report released this week by the Directors Guild of America (DGA). The new data analysis included 651 feature films released in America in 2017 and cast a wide net to ensure big budget studio and independent films featured in the report. 

DGA President Thomas Schlamme says, “It’s outrageous that we’re once again seeing such a lack of opportunity for women and people of colour to direct feature films. Our new study shows that discriminatory practices are still rampant across every corner of the feature film business. These numbers hit home how the chips are stacked against women and people of colour. We dug into our proprietary data to see if we could isolate areas that were bright spots or especially problematic. But as we kept going, it became clear that no matter how you slice the 2017 numbers, the outcome is virtually the same. There is a misconception that things are better in the smaller, indie film world, but that’s simply not the case. From financing and hiring, to distribution and agent representation – every aspect of the entire system disadvantages women and people of colour. Change is long overdue. Inclusion is a fight we’ve been fighting with the industry for four decades now, and it’s been an uphill battle to get them to change their hiring practices. In our two most recent negotiations, we pushed for the industry to adopt the Rooney Rule into their hiring practices, but they wouldn’t budge on the issue. Neither will we — we are committed to keeping at this for as long as it takes.”

Breaking down the figures even further to include ethnicity, 10% of films with a box office taking of $250,000+ were directed by those from a diverse background which is down 3% from 2016. This amounted to 91% of directors being white for films which grossed $10m or more and 84% of those which took less than $10m. Of the 651 films included, in exact figures 577 were directed by men and just 114 by women. The total adds up to 691 as many films were helmed by more than one person. 

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Lucasfilm Denies Reports Of Spin-off Films Being On Hold

This week there were reports that due to the apparent poor reception of Solo: A Star Wars story at the box office, Lucasfilm was putting their spinoffs on hold and concentrating their efforts on Episode IX and other projects.

However they have weighed in on the rumours to claim that they are false (of course they have!) A statement released yesterday says that these reports are inaccurate and that there are multiple films still in development outside of the confirmed new works by Rian Johnson (currently developing a new trilogy) and Game Of Thrones duo David Benioff and DB Weiss.

Just to get you up to speed, Collider reported that after Solo didn’t do as well as they had wanted, films like Obi-Wan and Boba Fett were no longer in production whilst the company focused on its primary films. Despite the fact that nothing had been confirmed, it seems Lucasfilm wanted to put this fire out before the rumours spread, perhaps a lesson learned after constant Solo production gossip got a little out of hand.

Solo has made $196.2m in its first three weeks, by comparison Rogue One had made $455m in the same amount of time which is going to be a concern for those involved. Soon after the release of Solo, news was released regarding of a Boba Fett movie being directed by James Mangold, what exactly is going to happen to this remains to be seen.
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Pete Docter And Jennifer Lee Taking Over At Pixar And Disney Animation 

It’s been announced that Pete Docter and Jennifer Lee are taking over at Pixar and Disney animation after the announcement that John Lasseter is stepping down at the end of 2018. The pair will be reporting to Alan Horn, Chairman of Walt Disney Studios.

Speaking of their appointments Alan says, “Jennifer Lee and Pete Docter are two of the most gifted filmmakers and storytellers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Pete, the genius creative force behind Up, Inside Out, and Monsters, Inc., has been an integral part of Pixar almost since the beginning and is a huge part of its industry-leading success. Jenn, in bringing her bold vision to the boundary-breaking Frozen, has helped infuse Disney Animation with a new and exciting perspective. Each of them embodies the unique spirit, culture, and values of these renowned animation studios, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have them to lead us into the future.”

Docter who joined Pixar in 1990, has directed Inside Out, Up and Monsters Inc, as well as being an animation supervisor of Toy Story and Executive Producer on Monsters University and Brave. Lee’s credentials include writing Frozen, Zootropolis and Wreck It Ralph. She started at Disney Animation in 2011 and is currently working on Frozen 2, whilst overseeing Ralph Breaks the Internet as Executive Producer. They are taking over from Lasseter after he was accused of inappropriate behaviour by several staff members. Initially put on sabbatical for 6 months, it was announced recently that he will permanently step down at the end of 2018. You can read more about this including his statement here.

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Weekly Round-Up: 17th June, 2018

After a week of seeing pretty much every film under the sun have a trailer released, this week feels quite quiet in comparison. Well, that is until you scroll down! Here’s a bunch of stuff that happened this week, including more for a couple of insect heroes, a flying elephant, a creepy house and a terrifying nun.

Trailers and Posters 

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Not exactly a poster but some beautiful artwork on the cover of this months subscriber’s issue of Empire. Take a look at Marvel artist Andy Park’s cover for the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp. They did have an actual poster out this week, so I’ve included that as well. But let’s be fair, the Empire cover is MUCH BETTER. There’s also a couple of images which came out this week, courtesy of Empire. No surprise that the film is receiving this much promotion, the 20th MCU movie is out in a month for America and 2 months for the UK.



The Nun

This looks fucking terrifying and I rarely say that about horror films, mostly because they look as if they suck. This time however it feels as Conjuring spin off The Nun will be fairly old school, and genuinely scary. Check out the trailer and the poster just below.



The latest animated Disney classic to get a live action update is Dumbo, directed by Tim Burton, the trailer and a new poster were released this week. There is no other director who would suit a film with psychedelic imagery and a flying elephant. Starring Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton (in full on moustache twirling villain mode), Eva Green, Nico Parker, Finely Hobbins and Alan Arkin, Dumbo is due to be in cinemas in March 2019. For more about the film including trailer, take a look here.

The Little Stranger

After the success of Room, in which Brie Larson won an Oscar for Best Leading Actress, director Lenny Abrahamson is back with The Little Stranger. I’m not sure how little this stranger is be I think you should keep away. Starring Domhnall Gleeson, Ruth Wilson, Charlotte Rampling, Will “the eyebrows” Poulter and Anna Madeley, the film depicts a doctor who take on a new patient at an old house with a creepy history. Check out the trailer and more here.


House of Cards

A few images have been released of the upcoming and final season of House of Cards, with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) taking centre stage.




Jojo Rabbit

Taika Waititi as Adolf Hitler. Just try to comprehend that sentence… this is the first image from the director’s film Jojo Rabbit, which…well it’s an odd one. Let’s just leave it at that



The podcast called S-Town is to be made into a film with Tom McCarthy apparently in talks to direct. The show, which is produced by This American Life, is about the story of John B. McLemore who hates his hometown in Alabama and an investigation into a murder, here’s more.


Doctor Sleep

In weirdest news of the week, Ewan McGregor is to play a middle aged Danny Torrance in sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep based on the book by Stephen King. Here he will try to shed his alcoholism, after he meets a young girl with the strongest shining since himself and must confront the demons of his past.

Wonder Woman 2

Production is ramping up for the Wonder Woman sequel with a couple of images shared by Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins, including one of Steve Trevor who was **SPOILER ALERT** thought to be dead 😱 the plot thickens!



The Grinch

The new poster for The Grinch is perfectly depicting just what morning people look like when they first wake up. It’s not pretty!


With the trailer dropping in July at Comic Con, it’s about time we see something from the upcoming DC movie. Aquaman, starring Jason Mamoa, Amber Heard and Nicole Kidman (almost certain no one knew she was in it!), is out in December 2018. Here are some new images to keep you thirsty until the trailer.

Unfriended: Dark Web

I have a feeling that no one knew that there was a sequel to Unfriended in the works. Did you know? Tell me if you did! This is a new twisted poster which looks pretty freaky and included the excellent tagline “Death wants some face time”. I bet you really want to watch this now!

Industry News

HBO And IFP Launch A Fund To Develop New Writers

It was announced earlier this week that HBO Documentary Films and Independent Filmmaker Project have created a new fund to enhance, identify and nurture storytellers with fresh and compelling perspectives as they develop their work. Called the IFP/HBO New True Stories Funding Initiative, it has been created to sponsor grants for multi-format, non-fiction storytellers with development funds at the earliest stage of bringing new work to a visual format. More on this story here.

Pinar Toprak To Become First Female Marvel Composer

Marvel announced its first ever female composer this week, and it’s going to be Pinar Toprak who will be scoring Captain Marvel. The 21st movie in the MCU stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in the film which is a prequel to almost the entire MCU. Check out more about Pinar and what she had to say here.



Discussing the late fashion designers career and life, Alexander McQueen’s life is looked at with great detail in the incredible documentary by Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui. The pair have crafted a fascinating insight into one of the greatest icons of the fashion world. Check out my review here.


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McQueen, review

Taking a look at his rise from local Londoner to working at Givency and Gucci as well as starting his own label, Alexander McQueen’s fashion career and life are put under the microscope in the Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui directed documentary which analyses what made him the innovative genius tick.

Coming 8 years after his suicide, McQueen shows interviews with his nearest and dearest as they wax lyrical about the late designer. Combined with archive footage of Alexander and his shows, the directors have crafted an in depth documentary which doesn’t shy away from the designers darkest moments.

Split into sections with the use of title cards, beginning with Tape 1, McQueen’s talent for having a natural flare for design is shown quickly. His mother suggests to her unemployed son to visit Savile Row after seeing a report regarding the lack of tailors. After rocking up to one of them, he immediately becomes akin to the craft and says he wants to learn everything. From here, he is very much on the up thanks to his own tenacious passion and being able come up with his creations by using his dole money. 

Pushing the industry forward and creating his theatrical fashion shows based on experiences from his own life, McQueen was not afraid to say exactly what he meant through his own words and clothes. Being the subject of controversy many times during his career, the worst being because of a show which was called Highland Rape depicting women who had been attacked with their clothes ripped as well as looking dishevelled. After accusations of misogyny he came out to claim that it was a comment on how women are treated in society after seeing a relative being abused at a young age. 

It’s personality such as this which is looked into in the second half of the film. McQueen’s demons are put on display with his friends and family giving brutal and honest accounts of how his fame and personal life affected him creating a study into his psyche. This gives the film a layer of depth as we get to know the fashion mogul. His innovations kept him at the forefront of the industry. Seeing cling film and adding a zip to it after wrapping it around a model during a catwalk show to make it into a dress is own of many ways in which he was able to think of his feet.

With plenty of honest moments from those who knew him best, this is an impressive documentary which has more than enough painful parts of Alexander’s life to make you feel as if you really knew him.

4 out of 5.

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Pinar Toprak To Become First Female Marvel Composer

The first ever female composer to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been announced as Pinar Toprak who will score Captain Marvel, the 21st film in the MCU. Bringing her knowledge of scoring a DC film and TV show, Pinar will be working on the film which is out in March 2019.

Having previously worked on Krypton, the Superman prequel about his home planet and Justice League, it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about scoring for this genre. Born in Istanbul and arriving in America, Pinar earned a couple of degrees before spending time programming in Han Zimmer’s studio and then moving onto video games. She says, “It’s an incredible honour to be a part of the Marvel Universe. I have so many people to thank for helping me on this journey but first and foremost, my incredible agents Laura Engel and Richard Kraft for believing in me from day one.”

It seems that Marvel is trying right a few wrongs of it’s 10 year history after rectifying it’s third act and villain problem recently, it now wants to have more diversity within it’s ranks. Captain Marvel is the first female lead superhero, with a female (albeit co) director and now composer. Let’s hope this is a permanent trend. 

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Podcast S-Town To Be Made Into A Film

Movies have come a long way since the days of the black and white talkies. These days we’re treated to stories from varied sources such as TV shows, books, cartoons and comics. Well now it seems podcasts are becoming more of an inspiration. After the announcement that the case of Adnan Syed from the popular Serial podcast is being followed up with a new TV series, it’s been announced that S-Town is to be made into a film. 

The story revolves around John B. McLemore who hates his hometown in Alabama and refers to it as shit town, hence the title of the podcast. Hosted by  Brian Reed, he follows the intriguing man who reached out to him to help him solve a murder of a local man he once knew. The podcast became popular very quickly after being downloaded 10 million times in 4 days.

The film is to be produced by This American Life which created both this and the Serial podcasts. It’s rumoured at the moment that Tom McCarthy is in negotiations to direct, he has previously worked on Spotlight and 13 Reasons Why.

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HBO And IFP Launch A Fund To Develop New Writers 

HBO Documentary Films and Independent Filmmaker Project have announced a new fund to enhance identify and nurture storytellers with fresh and compelling perspectives as they develop their work. Called the IFP/HBO New True Stories Funding Initiative, it has been created to sponsor grants for multi-format, non-fiction storytellers with development funds at the earliest stage of bringing new work to a visual format.

Supporting a wide range of filmmakers and journalists, across a wide spectrum of non-fiction genres as well as support them creating visual work whether it’s a feature film, short or other. This initiative is trying to foster and nurture new voices whilst creating compelling and diverse stories.

“We are excited to be expanding our partnership with HBO Documentary Films to include joint programmatic support for filmmakers and content creators on this important initiative,” says Joana Vicente, executive director of IFP, in an official statement. “HBO has been a longtime supporter of the IFP, and with HBO Docs’ rich history of championing non-fiction work, this grant will allow us to continue a strong tradition of supporting projects that are exploring even broader, new formats in non-fiction media.”

“The HBO Documentary Films team is thrilled to be partnering with IFP on this exciting new initiative,” said Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller, executive vice presidents of HBO Documentary and Family Programming, in a statement. “Our team has a long history of working closely with IFP, which has an amazing capacity for identifying and supporting emerging talent with fresh ideas, and we’re honored to work with them to discover some exciting new voices coming from the non-fiction field.”

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Dumbo Teaser Trailer Takes Flight 

When it was announced that Tim Burton was to create a live action version of Dumbo, it seemed that no-one believed it would happen. At least I didn’t. Now it’s here, it feels as if he is the ideal director to take this on. Here’s the first teaser trailer for Dumbo.

Coming out in 2019, the film looks quintessential Burton with his off beat characters, the costumes, psychedelic visuals (hello pink elephant sequence!) and a flying elephant. Just think of the original Dumbo but even tripier. Expanind on the original story, Disney’s retelling of this classic tale will have messages of including those who are different and family as the circus he becomes apart of raises him despite his oversized ears making him a laughing stock. When Dumbo rejuvenates the struggling circus with his unusual talent of flying, the elephant is recruited for a new attraction called Dreamland which is full of dark secrets.

Starring Colin Farrell as Holt Farrier the keeper who is hired by Danny DeVito’s circus owner Max Medici, as well as Michael Keaton in full on moustache twirling villain mode, Eva Green, Nico Parker, Finely Hobbins and Alan Arkin. Due for release in March 2019, this is the latest Disney film to receive the live action treatment with Lion King and Aladdin on the way, as well as Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast being the most recent remakes.

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