The Other Cinema

Last week saw Future Cinema return to host a new event. The Other Cinema came to life with a new way to experience yet another classic film around the country. London’s event took place at the stunning Troxy, a cinema beautifully defined by it’s history and inner retro decor. With the event taking place around a film from the 1940s, Future Cinema, in their inimitable style, created an atmosphere reminiscent of an era when films stars were just that: Stars of the big screen, famous for bringing an artistic performance to the world.

This time, the romantic feature Brief Encounter gets it’s go at returning to the big screen, and rightly so. This classic, brilliantly acted film stars Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard, portrays two people, both married, who embark upon an affair after a chance meeting in a cafe at the train station they both frequently visit.

As with all of Future Cinema events, the film itself wasn’t the main attraction. Whilst it is always an enjoyable part of the experience, people come to dress up, enjoy the atmosphere created by the superb actors who surround us all night and be dazzled by the incredible effort that goes into making each venue sparkle with creativity. Describing how the Troxy looked when entering would mean comparing it to venues you really do only see on screen these days. With the swing band playing as you enter, the actors dressed up in old usher uniforms, the red velvet draped over the tables and chairs, the popcorn and candy bags being taken around for sale, it was truly reminiscent of a simpler time.

It’s what we’ve come to expect from Future Cinema and all of their pop-cinema events. Whether it’s a new venture like Other Cinema, their staple favourite Secret Cinema or a recent summer event California Classics where Lost Boys and Top Gun were screened in 2011, you can trust them to create an event full of excitement, amazing replica sets and brilliant acting creating scenes from the film you are about to watch. The pop-up cinema phenomenon has inspired a new way to enjoy every day events. It has started an innovative trend throughout modern culture including the creation of pop-up shopping centres, art galleries, theatres and bars and the best thing is, they are here to stay.


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