My favourite film.

Recently, I was asked in an interview, what my favourite film is. My answer was Lost In Translation. Admittedly, this isn’t accurate at all. It is certainly in my top 10, but I don’t have a favourite film. Choosing this is as hard as selecting the best track you have ever heard, or the best album crafted by your hard to choose all time number 1 band. They are difficult to choose from, not because there are so many brilliant films, songs and bands out there, but because of the judgement you’ll no doubt get from your peers.

So, free from persecution, what would your favourite film be? What makes it better than the competition for it to hit that coveted number one spot in your mind? The actors? The director? The storyline? One particular scene? The location? No, probably not that last one!

The reason I chose Lost In Translation is because of most of those factors, I enjoy the performances of Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanson. The director Sophia Coppola wrote the film as well and did an amazing job directing two lost souls in a foreign land together. There was a particular scene in which the characters Bob Harris and Charlotte (No last name required) spoke about the highs and pit falls of marriage, no matter how long you have been together. A truly beautiful scene, simply done, where each person shows their utter vulnerability to each other and which creates a bond that they feel and the audience feels. A brilliant and yet simple scene.

One thing I have not mentioned is the way the film makes you feel. Some will make you feel as if anything is possible. Some will inspire you in ways you never thought possible. Some will make you feel low and some will make you feel so high, in many ways  indeed. (See any film featuring Jay and Silent Bob) The fact remains, choosing your favourite film is difficult, but if you had to pick one without judgement, which flick would you pick?


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