Sundance, London. The best of the Indies comes to the Londoners.

Last month saw the Sundance Film Festival come to London for the first time ever. At the o2, showing a variety of films and live performances by musical acts. The festival was opened by Robert Redford and used it as a platform to attack David Cameron, something that seems to be fashionable amongst most people these days. Redford said that the Prime Minister has a narrow view on British Cinema. Beside this random and out of the blue attack, it was a superb festival all in all. For those of you who did not get the chance to attend any screenings or performances, you would have missed out on the delight of directors introducing their films and talking to the audience after the screenings, some superb and gifted performers and the excitement that would surround any film festival goer.

Sooner after I read that the venue was deemed too corporate for an independent film festival, however the feel of it once inside, sat down and being spoken to by one of the directors was warm and very friendly. Nothing corporate or cold about it at all, a brilliant way to start any film is to have an introduction by one of it’s creators. The UK premier of Luv played during the weekend which is a film about looking up to someone you admire, no matter what they have done, but then seeing them fall dramatically. The film stars the rapper Common, the superb scene stealing Michael Rainey Jr, as well as Danny Glover and Dennis Haysbert and is directed by Sheldon Candis, a delightful young man whose life this story was loosely based on.

Despite the unfortunate criticism the festival received for being in such a so-called corporate area, the weekend was a huge success for the the first ever Sundance London Film and Music Festival. The talent, the venue, even the staff all made it a time to remember and with any luck a time that will return to us next year.


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