30 Trailer Challenge: Trailer 12

For once, Matthew McConaughey may have a good performance in his hands for the first time in his career. A career that includes performances centred around him showing off his body and apparently being charming with his southern accent. Now quite frankly, he’s a good looking chap, with a good looking body so perfect Hollywood fodder. He has joined the league of the Colin Farrells and the Paul Walkers who look good and who are average at best when it comes to their acting skills. Until now. Here, McConaughey plays Killer Joe Cooper a well-known hitman. He’s hired by a young man to kill his evil mother in order to collect her life insurnace to pay off his debt. An interesting sounding story, a very good looking trailer, with a very good looking McConaughey in what may be the best performance of his career so far. Time will tell…



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