Wreck It Ralf trailer

A brilliant new trailer from Disney about a video game character who is not the protagonist of the game he features in. He’s the bad guy and in this case, the anti-hero. He wants out, he goes to group therapy, he does what he wants. This really is a very good idea and concept for a film, it’s something all people can relate to. The character, Ralf, wants a change in his life of wrecking all the buildings he comes across. During his group therapy session we see Bowser from Mario Brothers, Dr. Eggman from Sonic (I can’t believe he was called that, although he was also known as Dr Robotnik), one of the blogs Pacman was being chased by and various other characters. This is a trip of extreme nostalgia for those who played these games when they were young, let’s hope it brings back those wonderful memories.


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