And yet another Dark Knight Rises trailer, is this too much?

So for some inexplicable reason, there is a fourth trailer for the Dark Knight Rises. First we had the teaser then 2 full length ones came out soon after that. Now we find ourselves not only with a fourth trailer but with around 10 videos which have been released assuming you take into count the trailers, TV spots, the special MTV footage shown at the recent (and as ever awful) MTV Movie Awards as well as the 6 minute prologue which is the start of the film. So far, I have ignored and avoided the latter video as I don’t want to really ruin anything. Take a look at the latest, and I really hope last, trailer / video / TV spot / whatever the hell else has been released and see what you think. To be fair, it is a different trailer to the rest and it is perhaps the best one. But let’s hope this is the final one.


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