Rooftop Film Club featuring Stand By Me.

Looking up at the night sky, peering into the tall office blocks that surround us whilst sipping a cool crisp beer, you can be forgiven for assuming I’m out for a drink or two, on the roof gardens of a bar somewhere. Whilst this is almost true, I’m here more for the Rooftop Film Club, held 5 nights a week at the Queen of Hoxton bar, near Liverpool Street station. It’s returned for the summer of 2012 as an alternative way to watch classic, cult and new films with a beer in your hand and poncho at the ready, just in case, this is London after all!

Each year, we have several outdoor cinema screens erected all over London and this is certainly one of the best ones to go to. The views are wonderful, especially on an almost clear night like last night, they provide headphones for crystal clear sound (and so the talkers don’t disturb you), there is a bar and a barbecue positioned right behind you and you have a brilliant film playing right in front of you whilst you sit in directors chairs. It really is a great alternative to sitting at home or in a cinema when you could be enjoying the sun with a film. When I say sun, I mean the tiny amount of sun we have each year! However, even if you don’t have sun, it doesn’t take away the fact that you are outside for a film. The film tonight is coming of age tale of four boys, Stand By Me. A film which you cannot go wrong by.

This story of 4 boys on the search for a dead body they have hear about is a true coming of age tale that keeps true to what being a teenager is about in this era. They all have a sense of adventure and spirit within them that will take them far in their younger years, something we all have in our younger years and may still have now. For those of you who haven’t seen this film (admittedly, last night was the first time I had seen it!) please do watch it at some point. You will truly love the characters, the mix of the kids and older tough guys (including a very mean Kiefer Sutherland), the feel of the 50s and the soundtrack of course!

This is the best way to enjoy a film, fresh food, drinks, being outdoors, fantastic views surrounding you and one of your favourite movies playing on a big screen right in front of you. Be sure you head down before the end of August when it’ll be gone for another year. If you can’t make it to the Queen of Hoxton, try out Film 4’s screening this summer taking place at Somerset House or Secret Cinema’s Summer screenings. All are wonderful experiences for any film fan!


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