Paddington: a teaser poster has arrived…

I recently heard that the very talented and cool Stephen Mangan will be playing Postman Pat in a new feature film with the world’s most famous postman and his black and white cat. Now another one of my favourite boyhood characters is also coming to the big screen: Paddington Bear. If you have no idea who he is you are too young or just not very well educated in the history of brilliant animation. I’ve had several conversations about what I enjoyed to watch when I was younger and the fact still remains, no one ever had it as good as we did! This poster of Paddington Bear looks like the film will tell a deep and meaningful story, which is something I am hoping for plus the usual comedy I came to expect involving him, a police officer and a sandwich. If I have lost you, you REALLY need to catch up, buy the DVDs, find some youtube clips, watch it any way you can. There is no doubt I am excited by this film, which from the IMDB description sounds like Ted by Seth MacFarlane but the nicer version of course! Let me know what you think of this poster, personally, I love it.


3 thoughts on “Paddington: a teaser poster has arrived…

  1. PADDINGTON!! So excited about this!
    And Postman Pat … gosh, I better hurry up and have a child so I have a proper reason to go to these films :p

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