Hangover 3, there is nothing you can do. It’s on it’s way…

Most of you will know this already, Hangover 3 is on it’s way. No, we can’t stop it, we can’t do anything to prevent it whatsoever. It’s a harsh world we live I know. Whilst the first one became the surprise hit of 2009, the 2nd lacked most of what it’s predecessors’ had, surprise, shock and humour. It was the same film all over again, in another country and replacing the baby with a monkey. A truly awful idea and it was so cash in on the first film. Hence a trilogy. 

Why else would they make 3 films where they are hungover throughout the film trying to figure out the event of the night before? Hardly something that can be done more than once and still be funny. However, credit where credit is due. I have just read the plot outline for Hangover Part 3 and it doesn’t sound all that bad. It’s certainly a more original plot than part 2.

The gang return to Las Vegas, they go back to where it all happened. And where it all went so wrong for them. But in a diversion from the wedding motif, they have gone insane. Literally. The boys are breaking Alan (Zach Galifinakis) out of a metal hospital. That is all we have so far. Not much to go on I know but what is good is Heather Graham is returning as the ex Mrs Stu Price. I must say, I think this could work out better than Part 2, they have something more original to play with and they have Las Vegas as a character once more.

Welcome back Wolfpack.



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