The Aubin Cinema

The wallet friendly times are over, if they ever existed. Even going for a film has become rather expensive for the humble movie fan to afford on a regular basis. Consider what you get for the price of a ticket ranging between £8 to £15, a seat. That’s pretty much it. No real experience, you see the film and that’s it. Just imagine a world without Orange Wednesdays.

However, times are changing. Londoners are changing. We want more bang for our buck, more of an experience, less of the norm and excess originality. The Aubin Cinema in Shoreditch offers just that. Their ticket prices go from around the same as that of your local theatre to slightly below West End prices and they offer much more including comfy big sofa seat with blankets, a fully licensed bar with cocktails and all sorts of cold and hot drinks, as well as the very friendly atmosphere. All this from a small 45 seat screen in the basement of fashionable Aubin and Wills.

Inside Aubin cinema

As I arrive, I shyly made my way down the stairs of the Aubin and Wills shop where I was fortunate enough to speak to an employee of The Aubin Cinema, Andrzej who it has to be said, could win a competition for best tash during Movember. “We have done something called edible cinema where you eat what you see on screen, including what they had in Beetlejuice” he explains, beaming with pride and joy at what is an innovative and interactive idea. It really makes this place even more special, a small screen with great food.

“We have 35mm, digital projection and we can play DVDs and Blu Ray for when companies want to hire out our cinema or for when friends to want to show their work on screen.” It’s refreshing to know that they still using 35mm and also moving into the digital age, something which you don’t see these days, more and more cinemas are going 100% digital when it comes to the projection side of things. Clearly there is a lot going on here and it all started after the idea came from Shoreditch House to use the basement of Aubin and Wills as a cinema. It wasn’t being taken up by much stock from the shop upstairs so almost 3 years ago they opened up. Ever since then they have had constant sell out days, no matter when,  they always encourage you to book in advance. Honestly you should really take their advice, it’s worth it.

Aubin cinema ticket

Aubin cinema ticket

I was lucky enough to watch a screening of The Master the other night, getting to relax in one of their sofas, sipping an Espresso Martini and taking in the whole experience with a friend of mine who summed it up perfectly by saying “It feels like we’re in a lounge.” Very true! It’s what we want, something so different to the usual experience and somewhere you can really relax and enjoy the film. We both kicked off our shoes, put our feet up and even got under the blanket. Comfy doesn’t come close! The lights went down, the slouching was in full affect and we sipped our drinks. Until my friend spilt hers! (Sorry!) Besides that small incident, our whole experience was just fantastic, very friendly service at the bar, recommending the Espresso Martini, a welcoming atmosphere into the screen itself with it’s combination of simple lighting, huge cushions and just the small space itself makes it superb. It’s obvious from the start that a lot of people are very eager and very excited as we are waiting to enter the screen, two excited young men walk straight in but are told it’s not quite ready yet. Calm down guys, we all want in.

Espresso Martinis

Espresso Martinis

Before having the cinema sign outside, chances are you wouldn’t have a clue this existed but lucky for them the council relented. This is small venue with a very big offering, so much going on,  so much innovation, the effort that they put into just one screen is astonishing and it pays off! This intimate cinema has the perfect atmosphere and setting of an ideal date; cosy and romantic. With it’s combination of comfy sofas, warm blankets, friendly service, delicious snacks and cocktails as well as it’s location, there is really no wonder they sell out so fast. Even their tickets are cool! So take a chance, get down those stairs, sip your beautiful beverage of choice and enjoy, this is how cinema should be.

For more information, please visit Aubin Cinema and book away my friends!

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