Harry Potter Studio tour

This was such an amazing day, you will honestly feel like a very excited child running around the sets and finding out all about the phenomenon that isn’t going to die any time soon. The Harry Potter Studio Tour is a bold, big and brilliant blend of sets, props, talks, plans, sketches, children, adults, fans, non fans, chocolate frogs, Butterbeer, magic cars, broom sticks and so much more. You need to see it to truly believe, the sets are the real thing from the eight films, featuring Hogwarts, giant chess pieces, the common room, Dumbledore’s office and too many more to mention in a small post.

It’s very hard to describe how much fun it is just to look around and try a few things out. Not only do you see all of the above, there are videos playing with talks from the directors, creators, producers and actors, telling how it was all done which speaks closely to my inner film geek. A truly fascinating land, a must for absolutely everyone.

Have fun and Keep It Reel.




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