2012: A Film Odyssey.

Who knew that 2012 would be one of the best years this country would ever have? Who would have thought the Olympics would go off (almost) without a hitch? How did the Queen stay so dry during her Jubilee? And who would have ever thought that I would finally get a job I love?! Yes 2012 was a superb year for me personally as I landed a job at a PR agency and started a blog about a topic near and dear to me: film. Neels Reel Deel is almost 1 year old, right now I’m thinking of the year ahead and it’s not looking great. We have no major celebrations, no big sporting events to excite us all and more crap weather as we speak.

But I am looking forward to this year. This year I want to do more, see more and meet more. 2012 is took risks and did things I’ve never done before. Partly because they were good for more blog but more so that I could enjoy myself more.

And here it is, my year in photos. Enjoy and Keep It Reel.

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