Happy 75th Birthday Superman

It’s Superman’s 75th birthday and conveniently enough he has a new film out. Still looking good Man of Steel!

In 75 years, he’s been through a lot. His real parents died saving him from his home planet Krypton, saving the world numerous times from numerous villains, turning the world back in time to bring his true love back to life, not to mention the several actors who have played him over the years.

There are of course the original and best Christopher Reeves films, the first attempt to reboot the movie franchise in the form of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns with Brandon Routh and of course the tv series that have been created. The Amazing Adventures of Superman and Smallville. Now he’s know as the Man of Steel, one of many names. Including Superman, Clark Kent and his Kryptonian name Kal-El, you can call him what you want, he won’t mind.

Very much looking forward to this film, from all that I’ve read and seen it looks very different. I compared the new trailers to the terrible reboot that was Superman Returns, I forgot how truly awful that film was and an utter insult to the frachise.


Let’s hope the partnership of Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan goes down well. Good luck boys, you’re going to need it…













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