The Megaticket.



Ever since I started buying DVDs (my first DVD that I owned was Ocean’s 11) I’ve maintained a fantastic and eclectic collection of films and TV shows that I love. I’m not a fan of the digital age in which you purchase all of your films as downloads and store them on your computer. Having a physical copy that I can hold, look and a look forward to picking up from my shelf of my vast collection really means something to me

But now it seems that everything is available online from films and music, to ordering your food and even your friends. All online, all waiting for you just to click on them, multiple times.

When it comes to food, you can have it delivered when you want it. Be it take away or fresh food from a supermarket.

Your friends will mostly have Facebook and spend hours Liking various things to build up their online personality.

Music is just incredible when it comes to the variety of online content.Again order CDs / vinyl / downloads all on the web, or stream it, or watch live performances as they happen, or hear a radio station from thousands of miles away. All sorts of ways to keep yourself satisfied

There are so many ways in which to enjoy film these days. Whilst going to the cinema is almost the same as it’s ever been, there are events going on such as movie marathons which are constantly on at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square, outdoor screenings through out summer time, Secret Cinema and others like that. I recently heard of a good one where you can watch a host of films in a disused psychiatric hospital. Spooky no?

Sod the sun shine cinema

But now to try and claw some money back from all of this and the illegal sharers and downloaders, Regal Cinemas in America have come up with a plan of how to beat everyone at their own game, in a manner of speaking.

Regal cinemas

I would like to introduce  you to the Mega Ticket. Yeah there’s a lot going on here isn’t there? Well allow me to explain. With the Regal Mega Ticket, you get a ticket to the screening of the film, special collectors edition 3D glasses, a DVD of the film, a digital version of the film and popcorn. All for $50. This is, as you can see, just for World War Z but it’s an interesting idea. I’ve always wanted a great plan to come into motion that would stop or at least slow down the illegal DVD sellers and downloaders of this world. Surely this is the right way forward? The only problem here is what if the film, which you’ll have 2 copies of after you’ve seen it, isn’t any good?

Regal Cinemas Megaticket

What do you think? Keep it Reel.


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