Toy Story Horror

Toy Story is one of the best animated films of all time. No question. Despite the fact that it is a 100% digital creation, it’s still got the heart of a classic Disney film, it’s able to stand with the greats such as Lion King and Bambi. But what if things changed? What if it wasn’t the heart warming, charming, witty creation it’s pegged to be? Well luckily that’s not the case. Had it been anything short of what it is when released in 1995, it wouldn’t have spawned 2 sequels and a short in the shape of Toy Story of Terror.

Someone, however, has changed this first film into something else. Something unpleasant, something tainted, something very un-Disney and un-Pixar. I bring you a trailer for TOY STORY HORROR. This, whilst slightly disturbing, is a superb show of what you can do when something like Toy Story is re-cut and mashed together to bring you a film of a different nature and of a different genre. Using the scariest parts of Toy Story, we see Woody threatening Buzz, Woody screaming with terror, a dark room filled with mangled toys as well as the horror standard of thunder and lightning. Using many more scenes to create this trailer, even the colour has been toned down to make a darker movie.

See what you think, I think it’s brilliant and makes you wonder what the full movie would be like. Just click here: Toy Story Horror

Keep. It. Reel


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