Bond in Motion: photos and review

There’s a lot of iconic images and items which come to mind when thinking of James Bond Walther PPK, Martinis, gadgets from Q branch, MI6, exotic locations and  gorgeous girls. There’s one other thing, one more iconic image which will always spring to mind: the cars. The stunning, incredible cars. Bond in Motion is a fantastic celebration of not only the cars he drives but also the planes he’s flown, boats he’s sailed and the bikes he’s ridden.

They have also included items such as mini versions of helicopters featured in the Bond series, old novelty items you could have purchased a while ago, Bond’s personal items like his passport, credit card, gun and so much more! It all starts with a brief look at the set designs, clapper boards, initial vehicle drawing concepts and storyboards. There isn’t too much detail here but you’re not there for that. Frankly, this was an amazing surprise which I loved. I’ve put the name of the vehicle first with the movie title and then at least one image of that car / plane / boat from that particular film.

Check out these photos and see for yourself how many vehicles have been in Bond films and how many of these you recognise. Enjoy, make sure you go and Keep It Reel.



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