The Simpsons and Family Guy mash up footage

The Simpsons and Family Guy mash up finally has some footage! We have a video here from the San Diego Comic Con where they have released a few small snippets of the upcoming collaboration which was announced back in May.

Here we see the Griffin family getting lost and finding themselves stumble upon Springfield. Then the two heads of each family meet for the first time, they bond at Moe’s tavern and towards the end, have a fight through the town, à la Peter and the Chicken’s running gag in Quahog. We also see Stewie and Bart making prank calls to Moe with Stewie’s call being a little, shall we say, darker (funnier) than Bart’s.

It’s brief but funny encounter with a few insides jokes to boot. Unfortunately, we’ll be waiting until September to see the full one hour special but it looks like it’ll be worth it! I’m personally surprised at how funny it is, usually mash ups and collaborations don’t go that well but this looks like it could work. Assuming this is a one time episode. We’ll just see…

Keep. It. Reel.


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