Don’t spoil your appetite

For some reason, certain studios and film makers seem to be obsessed with releasing several trailers for their movies just to gain some press and attention for a film they know will be popular. For me, and apparently several others, this has the potential to ruin a film that should be shrouded in at least some mystery.

However, with Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad both having had trailers released even though the full length feature won’t hit the silver screen until next year, it seems that we are seeing and hearing about a lot of the films before they come out. What a shame. Recently, Shortlist pointed out that we are having movies ruined with the amount they show in trailers, and it’s true. If you’d like to read their article, it’s here.

Whilst trailers are the killer of all movies (the director of Terminator: Genisys was pretty miffed when the spoiler-tastic second trailer was released, showing the key plot twist) there’s something else that has been bugging me recently, and that’s constant news reports on who is going to be in a film when it comes to characters, who the bad guy is going to be, what surprises may come and so much more. I have actively avoided the spoilers because if you know everything that is going to happen in a movie, why watch it? I love surprises of any kind so when I see a headline that says “Suicide Squad’s main villain & twist ending revealed?”, I do wonder who is actual going to read this? If you’ve got any interest in watching this film in the way the cast and crew want you to see it, then why would you ever click on that link?? Do you really want to ruin a film just for the sake of having something to read? Can you really not wait?

When it comes to comic book films in particular, far too much is thrown out there. They have launched the trailers, so what else do they have to promote it? Their PR department will begin to “leak” rumours about the film and suggest this, that and the other will all happen and that character you thought wouldn’t be in it? Think again! Oh and him? Well he’s not who he seems at all! Come on! Let’s keep some of the mystery!

Now I refuse to blatantly tell you all what has been revealed about what film, pretty much because I don’t want to know so I’m not reading any articles that could contain potential spoilers. I think these articles are worse than the accompanying trailers because they are very much telling you what is going to happen where as with some trailers and teasers, they are just open to interpretation. If you ever watch a review of a trailer, be very careful what you believe and what you don’t. Those guys are honestly just telling what they see and what they think, it’s not based on any fact by a long shot.

The new James Bond film is out this year and when did MGM release the trailer? This year! Why? Because it’s James Bond, like with pretty much all franchises, comic book ones included, it needs hardly any introduction. Sure they did the teaser then the full trailer nonsense but that’s okay. Why? Because both were released in the same year the film is coming out, 2015. Well done MGM. Why can’t we have it more like this? When there is less time, there are less spoilers. Admittedly there’s rarely much to spoil in a James Bond film, because they so similar, however that’s still no excuse.

I recently saw an article about both The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 (why are they making these?! Especially The Incredibles, leave that film alone) which boasted “new details” which essentially means they are giving away the plot, something I just don’t want to know. Even children’s films aren’t safe. What I do wonder is where does the responsibility lie? They studios will send out information, trailers, images and press releases about their films and it’s up the the publications to divulge said information onto those who want to read it. It’s a tricky one, films need publicity and websites need content. But at what cost? Is it worth ruining an entire film just for the sake of a few more tickets sales? Or find out the big twist ending just for a few more hits on your website?

I hate to say it, but like everything these days, it’s al about the money. I hate that far too much. The more they promote, the more that is written about a film, the more the film will make at the box office. It keeps the whole machine running. So what’s the solution? Read less. Watch more.

Keep. It. Reel.


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