A license to insure

This week, Spectre is finally launching onto screens in the UK. James Bond is back in the follow-up to Skyfall and we will once again see him jet to exotic locations, meet beautiful women, drink Martinis and, of course, drive the most stunning and expensive cars.

Can you imagine what it costs to insure James Bond when he’s out trying to save the world? Kwik Fit Insurance Services have come up with an insurance bill for Q and he’s not going to like this! Poor Q, all he does is work hard and does his bit in saving the world. How is he thanked? By having Bond ruin his efforts in more and more spectacular ways. Take a look at the incredible breakdown below of what Bond has done and the cars to insure. Unbelievable Bond, you truly have a license to rack up high insurance bills! You can check out the original research here: http://www.kwik-fitinsurance.co.uk/blog/another-bond-movie-another-nightmare-for-q


Keep. It. Reel.


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