The X-Files: The Truth Is Almost Here

For those of you who were fans of The X-Files when it was first on our TV screens, I’m sure you are very excited to hear all about the upcoming resurrection of said show for a mini-series. Let’s be honest, the first film was pretty good but the sequel was incredibly poor. If you didn’t think so, stop lying to yourself! Believe that it was shit! So by now you want something good, something you can rely on as much as the original show.

We’ve had little bits of information come out, images and a few very short trailers. Well it seems as if they are going to carry on their (sort of) relentless campaign of telling us pretty much nothing by throwing a few new posters at us. I have to say these are nice, I like these!

I’m looking forward to this starting up again, although I will have to brush up on my X-Files knowledge (it’s been a while since I was in the company of Mulder and Scully). I’ve thrown in the three video promos for good measure in case you haven’t seen the 138 seconds we have so far. Not long to go now.

Keep. It. Reel.


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