A few thoughts on the Golden Globes 2016

The Golden Globes has a very chequered history due to allegations of bribes in previous years. However it seems they have cleaned up their act quite a lot, this year in particular we see that a lot of people, movies and TV shows have rightly won awards. Maybe this is old news, but I feel the winners have been getting better and better. Because of its history and because of some ridiculous categories (who puts comedy and musical together in one?!) I will always have a problem with this awards ceremony. Here’s just a few short thoughts on what happened this year.

The return of Ricky Gervais

For three years in a row, Gervais verbally butchered his colleagues and the Hollywood Foreign Press, who all took it in their stride, besides a slightly miffed Robert Downey Jr who said, during the 2011 ceremony when presenting an award, that the vibe of the show was “mean spirited” and “sinister”. Ouch! He’s right, but that doesn’t stop it from being funny! This year was no different, he tore through the celebrities, and began by mocking NBC who had no nominations at all. During his opening monologue, he made some on point jokes, referencing Caitlyn Jenner, the fact that he’s hosted four times and a superbly glib remark about the past of the Golden Globes. You really must watch it, check it out below and have a look at his previous years of hosting as well. Very funny and very mean.

Aaron Sorkin wins best screenplay for Steve Jobs

This is my favourite award of the night, no one deserves it more from the past year of movies. Aaron Sorkin has written a killer script with some of the best dialogue you will ever hear, for those of you who haven’t seen it, Steve Jobs is a real surprise hit after going through so many production problems but it was released to widespread critical acclaim and showed that you can make a film about Steve Jobs and about computers, whilst keeping it entertaining. Well done Aaron, you’re sharp, witty and smarter than them all.


Leo winning

Some say that the Golden Globes are a gateway into the Oscars, which pretty much means that if you win at the Globes, you’ll win at the Academy Awards. Of course this isn’t always true, but people are once again talking about Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar. Last night, he won the best actor Golden Globe for his performance in The Revenant, a film I’m still yet to see but very much looking forward to. He’s been here before, so many times. I’m sure he’s sick of it and wants it all to end. Personally I don’t think that this is his year, I think one day he will win one. But not this year, not for this performance. One day Leo, one day.


A lot of the Globes went to the right people (poor Mark Rylance), and now they are looking forward to the Oscars. The nominations are coming out on the 14th of this month, and the ceremony will be taking place on the 28th February. Let’s see how close the Golden Globes have got it. My guess? For the first time in a while, they look pretty much accurate. We’ll see.

You can see a full list of last nights winners here.

Keep. It. Reel.

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