Rogue One: A Star Wars story. Brand new trailer

During the Star Wars Celebration which took place in London last month, rumours were constantly flying around about Rogue One and a new trailer that was going to be shown. This never came to fruition however what we did see is a behind the scenes featurette which was entitled Celebration Reel. We saw some incredible landscape shots which showed that Cinematographer Greig Fraser has achieved something spectacular. We saw brand new characters, taking on the dark side whilst being shot at by Stromtroopers. We saw Gareth Edwards speaking of his excitement of working on a Star Wars movie. Plus plenty of fight scenes, explosion and members of the cast talking about their roles and the roles of this film in the Star Wars universe. Very exciting. Even if it did end on a weak “May the force be with us”. Sorry, but I just didn’t like how it was delivered.

Rogue One poster

Well, now I’m happy to report that we finally have a new Rogue One trailer and it’s all that you want from a Star Wars trailer. We see more of Felicity Jones and Forest Whitaker plus brief glimpses of Donnie Yen and Riz Ahmed. As well as more AT-ATs, a TIE fighter, blaster guns, more Stormtroopers and more footage of the Death Star. With a special guest right at the very end which is foreshadowed by the music right at the very start of the trailer, this is going to be one hell of a film, telling an incredible story which not too many people know. Check it out below.

Keep. It.Reel


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