T2 Trainspotting images

Who knew that 21 years after the original film, Trainspotting 2/T2 Trainspotting/2 Train 2 Spotting (a much better name I’m sure you’ll agree) would have such an incredible looking trailer? Rumours of the sequel circulated for a long time and it’s finally come to fruition, with trailers being released in 2016 and now we’ve been given something new just ahead of its release in the UK.

Some brand new images have been released and I thought I’d throw in the posters as well because I love them! T2 Trainspotting is released in the UK on 27th Jan,and it’s directed by Danny Boyle. It goes back to the 4 lives of the original to see where they are now with Renton returning after the events of the end of the first film. Ordinarily I’d spoil it because it’s been 21 years, the DVD is out and it’s been on Film4 now and then but I know some people haven’t seen it so I don’t want to be that guy! Check out the brand new images below, looking forward to seeing this soon.

Keep. It. Reel.


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