Lion King Live-Action Remake Updates It’s Cast

Disney’s slate is the busiest it’s ever been. Ever since the acquisition of properties such as Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, the studio has been churning out several films each year and it’s got no plans of slowing down. One thing that it’s working on within its own studio are a bunch of live-action remakes of some old Disney films.

Last year we saw the Jungle Book come out to critical and commercial success. After this, Disney announced further live-action remakes including Beauty and the Beast (out next month), Lion King, Dumbo and Aladdin. With the latter 2 films, we know pretty much know nothing about them however Lion King has had a few details confirmed. Because this my favourite Disney film, I’m equal parts excited and apprehensive. Jon Favreau came forward in September as the direct after his bang up job with Jungle Book. 

Ever since then, it’s been pretty quiet. Until now. This week, thanks to the wonder of Twitter, it’s been confirmed that the man with one of the most majestic voices ever is returning as Mufasa. James Earl Jones will once again be playing the greatest animated lion ever. He will be joined by Donald Glover who is taking on the part of Simba. That plus his role of Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo spin off film, it looks like Glover will be working with Disney for a while. 

Lion King has no release date or even a year just yet, but my guesses are it’ll be late next year or in 2019. The film is being written by Jeff Nathanson whose previous work includes Rush Hour, Catch Me If You Can and recently the latest Pirates film, Dead Men Tell No Tales. 

Keep. It. Reel. 

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