SDCC 2017 Round-Up

Yes I know it’s late, yes you may have already seen all of this already. I was at a wedding which was really fun so I have no regrets! Just shut it, sit down and enjoy!

One of these days I will make it to San Diego and attend what has to be the best event for comic book lovers all over! This weekend, SDCC took place and as always it was jam packed with trailers, teasers, discussions, images, concept art, posters and so much more.

Avengers: Infinity War  

The main talking point was Avengers: Infinity War after having a short trailer shown in the famous Hall H. At the moment, besides some badly filmed leaked footage, we haven’t got much but some have taken the time to describe what they saw. A few things including Thor meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy by smacking into their ship, being brought inside waking up and saying “Who the hell are you guys?”, Loki holding the Tesseract, a brief look at Peter Parker’s Spidey Sense working, Iron Man working with the Guardians. Thanos arrives to battle Avengers. Spider-Man shown wearing new suit from end of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Cut to Peter with mask off saying, “I’m sorry,” to Stark. Thanos battling Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, and Iron Man.

Shows Captain America in new (Nomad?) suit with a beard. Black Widow is now blonde. Thanos pulls pieces of the moon to Earth to toss at Avengers. When we’ll see a trailer is anyone’s guess but perhaps if I were to guess it would be around the time Thor: Ragnarok is released.

Thor: Ragnarok

A new trailer was released for Thor: Ragnorok in which we delve deeper into what happens to Asgard and the aftermath of it being destroyed. There’s more Hulk, who we discover is able to talk and has seemingly had a haircut! It’s been announced that he’s not been Bruce Banner for 2 years, so it’s possible that he’s become a calmer Hulk (?) Further more, Loki returns who we last saw ruling Asgard under the guise of Odin but here he’s been captured, and teams up with Thor, Hulk and Valkrie. We also got to see a colourful new poster which has the director’s creativity all over it. It’s an incredible thing to see, they are clearly pushing Thor into a new direction which will be full of bright colours. It feels like it will be a perfect change up for him as the previous 2 films haven’t really been that good!

The Defenders 

They are coming soon! After teasing their team up for what feels like ages, in August The Defenders are all appearing together on a new Netflix series.  From this latest trailer, we are promised a war for New York, more death and some incredible fight scenes. The Defenders have had their ups and downs, Iron Fist is apparently awful, whereas Jessica Jones kicks ass (leave it to the women to always be awesome! Season 2 is currently being filmed). It does look like they would be a brilliant yet unorthodox mash up of strength, smarts and cunning. I’ll have to get watching though, I’ve still got Season 2 of Dare Devil, as well as Iron Fist and Luke Cage all to watch.

Ant-Man and the Wasp 

Only a few bits were announced for the Ant-Man sequel, which is again being directed by Peyton Reed.What we do know now is that Michelle Pfeiffer and Laurence Fishburne have both joined the cast for the 2018 film which comes out 6th July.  Pfeiffer will be playing Janet van Dyne, the wife of inventor Hank Pym, who was played by Michael Douglas in the original film and Fishburne is Dr. Bill Foster. Nothing else has been announced about his character yet. There was also some concept art/poster which you can see below. From it we can see that Giant Man will make a comeback and will go up against an army. Hopefully we’ll see something more, plus he’s making an appearance in Infinity War.

Captain Marvel

More details regarding the first Marvel film with a female lead were annpunced over the weekend. It’s still quite sparse with regards to it’s plot, however it will take place before Iron Man, she will be facing off against the Skrulls and Samuel L Jackson is returning as Nick Fury with both eyes! We may even find out how he lost an eye. As it was previously revealed, Brie Larson is making her first appearance as the Captain Marvel in next year’s Infinity War. There was also some concept art revealed.

Black Panther
From the moment this movie was announced I was convinced that it would take a tribal route and how right I was when the trailer dropped earlier this year. Now we have a brand new poster and altogether this film is looking absolutely incredible! Here he is standing above his nation of Wakanda on top of the Black Panther statue.

Justice League 

Out towards the end of the year, it’s the team up we’re all hoping pays off! Justice League has had yet another trailer ahead of its release in November release this year. It’s still extremely CGI heavy which would be fine but I can’t understand why it’s been made to look so fake. Anyone?? The main talking point however is the end in which Alfred is talking to someone who is just off screen. Is this the return of Superman? Or another DC hero making their way into the League? We’ll have to wait and see.

DC Films

SO MANY FILMS! As you can see from the image below there’s a lot on going on at DC right now. My worry is that it’s too much too soon. Marvel created a universe over several years and then started to do more and more when the time was right. DC is starring to feel very thrown together. With all of these films in production, it’ll be hard to make them all enjoyable as well as having any depth to them, plus it seems they have left off Man of Steel 2 and Gotham City Sirens. Maybe they are still going and these are just the films they’ve not properly announced. If so that’s another couple of films on what is already a pretty big plate.

Ready Player One

Spielberg’s latest film which stars Mark Rylance, Ben Mendelsohn, TJ Miller, Olivia Cooke, Tye Sheridan, Simon Pegg and Hannah John-Kamen is about a future distopian society in which people are trying to figure out clues to a video game in order to inherit the creators fortune. Based on the novel by Ernest Clone, this film has been spoken about a lot so it’s great to see a trailer for it and check out the maze in the logo below. Cool no?

Pacific Rim: Uprising

When the first Pacific Rim came put it was incredibly good fun in equal measures stupid! I loved it as many people did. Now a sequel is on the way starring John Boyega in the lead role and we see him briefly in this promo clip for The Jaegar Uprising asking people to join them. It’s very interesting to see a promo like this as they are quite effective in what they do, it gets people talking about a film of which they have seen nothing. Fingers crossed it’s as ridiculously fun and stupid as the first one.

Stranger Things – Season 2 

A second more in-depth trailer for the next season of Stranger Things debuted over the weekend. We got to see more of the awesome kids we love including Eleven and it’s got a good amount of the Upside Down thrown in for good measure. Really looking forward to seeing this at Halloween this year.

Westworld: Season 2

I haven’t seen any Westworld but from what I hear it’s very good, sometimes… here’s the trailer for season 2. I’m saying nothing about it as I know nothing about this show! But I do have it recorded, yes yet another show to watch! WHERE’S THE TIME?!

Walking Dead

Lots and lots if questions about this one. We get to see our gang fighting off several zombies and people as always but just at the end we see something different. It’s all calm and clean then we see Rick who has a few extra miles on him with a long greying beard. There’s even a walking stick near him. It’s pretty impossible to say what this means unless it’s from the comics however I’ve never read them! We’ll see if this is a dream, hopes or what really happens in the future.

Star Trek: Discovery

 A show which has been through a number if reschedules and production problems, Star Trek: Discovery looks pretty incredible. As far as plot goes there doesn’t seem to be much available but not long to wait until it’s out in September.

Keep. It. Reel.


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