Star Wars. Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. New Images

Not long until we see the next part in the saga which is due to end in 2019. The Last Jedi is coming round our way this Christmas and so far we have a name, a trailer a couple of posters and that’s it. It’s not really much to go on but of course stemming from the previous film, The Force Awakens, there are dozens of fan theories of who Rey is, where does Snoke come from, is Han Solo really dead? Oh Sorry, spoiler alert there. Awkward…

Anyway! The lack of detail is pretty standard for a big budget blockbuster by Disney, secrecy will keep you intrigued and guessing up until you watch it (or some blogger ruins it for you…) However we now have a few images to go on, starring a lot of our favourite characters from Episode VII as well as a few new ones. There’s Luke, Chewie, Leia, Rey, Po and Finn, plus Kylo Ren, as well as new comer Rose Tico, new ships and an intriguing looking building. (I can’t find any details on this but if you know please tell me!) One other thing, the red guys you’ll see are Praetorian Guards. So there, I know stuff! Check them out below.

The Last Jedi is due for release on December 15th, with Rian Johnson in the directors chair. 

Keep. It. Reel.


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