Jared Leto Getting A Solo Joker Movie

Do you remember Suicide Squad? Do you remember how terrible it was? (Basically a shit Guardians of the Galaxy) Do you recall the marketing was tailored heavily towards Jared Leto’s take on the Joker? Then we saw very little of him in the movie? Well apparently people want more of the clown despite how awful this particular portrayal was. 

News coming out of Hollywood suggests that a solo movie of the Joker with Leto once again donning the make-up and stupid bling bling clothes is in the works. No plot details of course however Warner Bros. want to expand his story within the current DCEU. This comes months after announcing a joker origin movie which may star Joaquin Phoenix (but it probably won’t even happen so don’t worry!) At the moment, the studio is on the look out for a writer to create an initial script whilst Leto will be taking on the role of Executive Producer. 

This is the latest movie being announced as part of the DCEU, with Wonder Woman 2 due out in November 2019, Aquaman being released in December this year (trailer apparently coming soon), Shazam out in April 2019 plus ANOTHER film for the Joker exploring his relationship with Harley Quinn. I believe Honest Trailers put it best when comparing his performance to that of a cat and Ace Ventura. Do we really want to see more of this? 

Keep. It. Reel.

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