Walking Dead, colouring things……..and stuff

The Walking Dead TV show is a gruesome hit with all sorts of zombie fans, but now it seems they are trying to corner the kids market, and why not? Get them started young! They are releasing a brand new colouring book, it’s of The Walking Dead. Weird right?  Well it’s not that odd, Harry Potter have on, there has been a rise in adult colouring books in recent years and there is collection of celebrity faces you can add your unique touch to. They really are a thing of wonder. Plus you get to see recognisable images without the colour you’re used it. Very interesting and of course not for kids!


The Walking Dead might be the last thing that needed more colour but it works out quite nicely when you think about it. There is still colour in this lifeless world they live in, plenty of blood and guts to add a splash of red and darker red to and you can create your own look as well.

Check out these images, frankly if I had the time and patience I’d love to try these out, they do look like so much fun. There are friends of mine who have been using these adult colouring books lately and they say that it’s a form of therapy. Apparently it’s a very well cornered bit of the market.





Keep. It. Reel.

Gone Girl – alternative posters

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here so I thought I would ease my way back into blogging. I have a lot of ideas I can’t wait to write about. Hopefully working hard this weekend, getting a lot done, more posts and more ideas coming soon.

Anyway, I went to see the brilliant Gone Girl whilst I was away (yes, I went to the cinema whilst I was on holiday, is that sad?), I’m currently reading the book which I’m finding difficult to get through (less than 100 pages in and I want to give up because Amy is a bitch!). So I thought I’d share some alternative posters I saw recently. The best thing about these images is the fact that people have taken the time to create these. It’s an original vision of what people really think of a movie, it’s their interpretation of the film. Have a look and see what you think.

Keep. It. Reel.

(Images: Matt Needle, Fernando Reza, Chris Malbon, Michael Lee-Graham,David Brooks, Ben Holmes, Admprk, Harry)