Jurassic World: new images

21 years ago I watched Jurassic Park for the very first time. I was 8 and in the cinema with my cousins and my brother. Up until that point in my short life, I never truly understood fear. I was petrified. I ran to the toilet several times, unsure of where else I could escape the images and sounds of the mighty T-Rex and it wasn’t until years later that I finally watched the film in full. I’m truly glad that I did, it’s remarkable even to this day, it looks and sounds amazing and it hasn’t aged at all. The dinosaurs move as you would expect them to, sound as you want them to, frankly I wouldn’t change a thing. Maybe have even more of the Goldblum but the fact that he’s in that film at all is a dam good thing. Love that guy.


And now we find ourselves a couple of pretty disappointing sequels later, the last being way back in 2001, and we have Jurassic World coming out next year. It’s been a long time since I watched any of the Jurassic films, I may re-visit them before this one comes out. Jurassic World has been plagued by production and pre-production problems, but it seem as if those horrible days of will they / won’t they make the film are all over. Here are a few on set photos with the new stars of this franchise. Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt. We also have some concept art with the centre itself and a couple of images of the map of Jurassic World.