Happy Independence Day!

How do you celebrate being American on the most American day of the year? Plenty of you will be out and about, enjoying your day off, having a barbecue, going for a few drinks or nursing a hangover. I’m from London, I live in London, I work in London. I do not have the privilege of having this day off, today I’ve been working “hard”. I’m sure if I was off I would select a few movies to watch whilst sitting at home, eating a massive burger and waving my red, white and blue flag.

Perhaps ones with the words America or American in it, this would certainly solidify your love for such a great nation. Right? Well, that’s how this non-American will be celebrating, here are a few selections from my very own DVD collection which I’ll be watching this week.

Coming to America

Two immigrants, one of which is royalty in their home nation, come to America in search of a bride. This goes to show that Eddie Murphy was once funny. It’s such a superb film from the 80s, a time defined by movies such as this. I highly recommend it if you’ve not seen it. If you have, watch it again, you know how good it is. Lucky for them, I don’t think their country is banned from coming to America, yet.

American Sniper

Considered to be over the top when it came to its patriotism, American Sniper was a great film and a rare great dramatic performance from Bradley Cooper. This true story also stars the unrecognisable Sienna Miller and received extremely unfair criticism from some for being for too flag-waiving but there’s nothing wrong with that, the story was well told and interesting to watch. However some have recentmy said this story isn’t as incredible as it’s told. Oh well.

Team America: World Police

A slightly different war film, from the creators of South Park, celebrate being American by saying fuck yeah! Here our “heroes” are trying to stop all sort of terrorist attacks…by blowing things up, killing hundreds. The extremely tongue in cheek way this movie goes about telling you that America are in fact number 1 (queue eye roll) is brilliantly funny, self deprecating and smarter than you’d expect puppets to be.

American Beauty

Showing that the American dream is anything but that, this 1999 film proves that you can’t believe what you see. Made in an era when the property market was booming and people used handheld videos cameras, Sam Mendes creates a seemingly perfect family but who have several troubles within including the fact that both the daughter (Thora Birch) and mother (Annette Benning) hate the father (Kevin Spacey). Unlucky. It’s got superb performances all round, several twists, sharp dialogue and beautiful set pieces.

Captain America (Trilogy)

Considering the fact that this man was people’s least favourite superhero, he’s come leaps and bounds from his first outing in 2011. Celebrate being American with the most American hero there is. Someone who,these days, goes against what others want him to do, confronts with the government and fights with his friends. USA! USA! USA! Anyway, which ever one is your favourite (unless it’s The First Avenger), this is a wonderful way to enjoy your independence.

American Pie

Comparing sex to apple pie? Yeah, it’s pretty much the same thing; putting something warm and tasty in your mouth, chew and swallow… Maybe not. Either way, with so many Americanisms (a couple of jocks, a few nerds, cheerleaders, high school, high school parties, pressuring others into sex. JOKE.) this is an ideal film to watch today. The first and second films are fantastically funny, after that it just gets rotten!

American History X

Excuse the image but you know what it is if you’ve seen this movie already. Considering the current state of the Administration currently in office, this couldn’t be more suited to today. A movie about a bunch of people pushing their own right wing agenda whilst not giving a shit about who gets hurt along the way to create your ideal country. That’s basically what’s happening right now. Wake the fuck up!

American Psycho

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) is the perfect American psycho, someone who loses it over a business card, abuses prostitutes to the point that they are left bloody and bruised and killing his co-workers. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

Keep. It. Reel.


Superbowl 50: TV spots and trailers

It’s that time of year again, where two teams have battled it out in America to become…something. I have no idea what the Superbowl is, why it’s watched by so many fans and how huge this bowl must be, I’m guessing you could have a pretty large amount of cereal for your morning breakfast with it. What I do know is that companies and studios spend millions of dollars on short adverts due to the volume of people watching around the globe. It’s reported that a 30 second advert or TV spot can cost around $4,000,000 to show during the breaks. It’s a massive money maker when this time of the year rolls around.

What I most look forward to are the TV spots and the trailers shown, normally with something new mixed with what we’ve already seen in a 2 minute trailer. Most of what has been released now is pretty standard stuff, a few new shots and scenes here and there. But the two big ones are the Jungle Book and Bourne. For The Jungle Book it’s the second trailer, but this time with talking animals and one thing I particularly love is that the child actor playing Mowgli’s real first name is Neel!

With the new Bourne movie, simply titled Jason Bourne, we haven’t seen any footage before and it’s come as a real shock to me! It’s gritty, brutal and it tells you nothing, just the it looks like Bourne is far from living a normal life. I’m very excited for Matt Damon’s return to the franchise which is truly one of the best and overlooked trilogies out there.

Have a look at the rest, all of which I’ve put below. Enjoy!

Keep. It. Reel.