Danny Boyle Exits Bond 25

In incredibly frustrating and annoying news, it’s been announced that Danny Boyle has left James Bond 25 due to, that old chestnut, creative differences.

Being announced by Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli via the official James Bond Twitter, they have said that he has left today but when the decision was made is anyone’s guess. The 25th film in the franchise and what is set to be Daniel Craig’s fifth and final go as 007 is as of yet untitled is still due for release on October 25th, 2019 with production scheduled for early December at Pinewood. Boyle came on board in May after months of speculation regarding who would be taking over from Sam Mendes.

Director of films including Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, The Beach and 127 hours, it’s thought that the prolific filmmaker would bring something new to the franchise which can sometimes seem a tad dated.

On a personal note, I’m utterly gutted. I can’t tell you how much I was looking forward to a Boyle directed Bond film. Yes they are old school and they need some updating, who better than one of the best British directors of all time? I’m unsure where it’s going to go or what will happen next but I hope they have someone else great in mind.

Either way I hope this hasn’t shaken or stirred Boyle up too much and that he’ll be back behind the camera in no time.

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Danny Boyle Confirmed For Bond 25

Rumours were flying around regarding who the next James Bond would be then when Daniel Craig finally confirmed he’ll be having one more go at the role, speculation went wild about the director for Bond 25. Whilst he was being talked about and considered, it’s been left until today to confirm Danny Boyle as the director of the 25th James Bond film.

Boyle has been said to be developing a script with John Hodge with whom he regularly collaborates. However it didn’t seem likely due to another project, said to be a musical with Richard Curtis, being in development at the same time. The apparently final outing for Craig will be his fifth time as the title character, which will surpass Pierce Brosnan’s four films but not quite match up to the 7 a piece for Roger Moore and Sean Connery. 

“We are delighted to announce that the exceptionally talented Danny Boyle will be directing Daniel Craig in his fifth outing as James Bond in the 25th installment of the franchise,” said EON Productions’ Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli in a statement. “We will begin shooting Bond 25 at Pinewood Studios in December with our partners at MGM and are thrilled that Universal will be our international distributor.” With production beginning at the end of this year, the release has been pinned down to  October 25th 2019 release date for the UK and November for the USA. 

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A license to insure

This week, Spectre is finally launching onto screens in the UK. James Bond is back in the follow-up to Skyfall and we will once again see him jet to exotic locations, meet beautiful women, drink Martinis and, of course, drive the most stunning and expensive cars.

Can you imagine what it costs to insure James Bond when he’s out trying to save the world? Kwik Fit Insurance Services have come up with an insurance bill for Q and he’s not going to like this! Poor Q, all he does is work hard and does his bit in saving the world. How is he thanked? By having Bond ruin his efforts in more and more spectacular ways. Take a look at the incredible breakdown below of what Bond has done and the cars to insure. Unbelievable Bond, you truly have a license to rack up high insurance bills! You can check out the original research here: http://www.kwik-fitinsurance.co.uk/blog/another-bond-movie-another-nightmare-for-q


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Vue Cinemas and Prop Store film memorabilia auction

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to hold the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory or ride Marty McFly’s hoverboard from Back to the Future: Part II? Imagine no more! Vue Cinemas have teamed up with Prop Store to bring you a live auction of all sorts of film memorabilia on the 1st of October. Being held at Vue Westfield, London, the public have the chance to view these items two weeks before the auction takes place.

This is the biggest auction of its kind and it will feature over 300 original film props which are worth over £1 million. One of the best items in the lot, in my humble and geeky opinion, is the miniature model of the Batmobile from Batman Forever, estimated to go for £20,000 – £25,000.


The auction lot includes items to suit all price ranges including a film crew jacket from the set of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace which is estimated to go for around £80 and the most lucrative prop being auctioned is the aluminium chair, designed as a concept for Dune, created by the late H.R Giger and is expected to fetch up to £80,000.

Tim Richards, CEO of Vue Entertainment International said: “We’re delighted to be hosting this amazing collection of film memorabilia – one of the biggest of its kind, at Vue Westfield. From serious collectors and keen investors to film fanatics and movie buffs, we are expecting a high level of interest from a whole host of people eager to grab a slice of real film history. It’s the first time an auction on this scale has been held in a cinema, so it should make for an entertaining evening , while the exhibition will ensure that everyone who wants to get an intimate look at some of these amazing and iconic props can do so absolutely free!”


Stephen Lane, Prop Store Founder, said: “After 16 years in the film industry, selling movie props and costumes to collectors around the world, we’re incredibly proud to announce our first ever live auction. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Britain’s leading cinema chain, Vue, and the stunning venue they are providing for the event. We’ve been working on this for many months and we plan to make it an event like nothing else before.”

“The live auction will excite all those who view the treasures in the free exhibition at Vue Westfield and thrill those who participate in live auction itself. We are delighted to present an original movie prop and costume auction like no other.”

Items included in the Lot and value estimates

  • Marty McFly’s (Michael J. Fox) Hoverboard – Back to the Future: Part II – £10 – 15K
  • Captain Nemo’s Nautilus Car – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – £40 – 60K
  • Batmobile Model Miniature – Batman Forever – £20 – 25K
  • The Terminator’s Leather Biker Costume – Terminator 2: Judgment Day – £18 – 22K
  • Wonka’s Golden Ticket – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – £15 – 20K
  • Scaramanga’s Short Sleeve Shirt – James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun – £5 – 7K


The Prop Store Live Auction in partnership with Vue Cinemas will take place at Vue Westfield in London on Thursday 16th October. Auction items will be on display at a free exhibition at Vue Westfield, open to the public from Thursday 1st October until Thursday 16th October.

My 100th Post

This is my 100th blog post. It’s been a long road to get to this point but I think it’s been worth it. Recently I’ve started to follow more and more bloggers on WordPress as well as Twitter and it’s one hell of a community. There are some really wonderful film blogs out there, some very alternative ones, some interesting mainstream ones, those which cover classic films, the ones who love the indies. I urge you to check them out, here’s a few links to some really good ones I’ve seen.








I have done a lot too, been to so many things, events, cinemas, just had a great time since I started this blog. I’ve been to the London Film Festival twice (first time getting to meet Marion Cotillard and then meeting Ralph Fiennes), visited the brilliant and gorgeous Aubin Cinema, returned to the IMAX twice in one year (once for the Dark Knight Rises and once for Gravity), finally made it to the Rooftop Cinema Club in Shoreditch, been to the Harry Potter World at the Warner Brother Studios in Watford, watched countless films, bought countless DVDs (my collection recently surpassed 400), went to my very first film marathon at the Prince Charles Cinema, went to the awful Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, got to go to the James Bond in Motion exhibition, Sundance London’s first and second year and the VFX Festival which I didn’t even know existed until a few weeks before I went.  Here’s a few photos from the past two years

For this post, I wanted to include something a bit random and special. Vue Cinemas have kindly provided me with a link to this make-up tutorial to create a high street look similar to that of Angelina Jolie’s in Disney’s new film, Maleficent. A really good video tutorial with the talented Marcos Gurgel who has worked on several diverse projects including The Voice, Strictly Come Dancing, and on titles such as Radio Times, Sunday Times and OK! magazine. He has recently worked on shows during London and Paris Fashion weeks. Have a look below

I also wanted to include a few other images which I’ve seen recently, it’s a mix of all odds and sods, some new films, posters, random images of actors and the Batman exhibition opening in LA. Fingers crossed they bring that here.

As for the future of this blog, don’t worry this isn’t where I will sign off for good. In fact not a tall. I’ve got plenty of ideas coming up including an online film festival, visiting more unusual cinemas, going to more film festivals in London and around the country, interviews with those who are up and coming in the movie industry, once again staying up for the Oscars and just so much more I don’t want to tell you about just yet!

Thanks for reading and as ever, Keep. It. Reel

Bond in Motion: photos and review

There’s a lot of iconic images and items which come to mind when thinking of James Bond Walther PPK, Martinis, gadgets from Q branch, MI6, exotic locations and  gorgeous girls. There’s one other thing, one more iconic image which will always spring to mind: the cars. The stunning, incredible cars. Bond in Motion is a fantastic celebration of not only the cars he drives but also the planes he’s flown, boats he’s sailed and the bikes he’s ridden.

They have also included items such as mini versions of helicopters featured in the Bond series, old novelty items you could have purchased a while ago, Bond’s personal items like his passport, credit card, gun and so much more! It all starts with a brief look at the set designs, clapper boards, initial vehicle drawing concepts and storyboards. There isn’t too much detail here but you’re not there for that. Frankly, this was an amazing surprise which I loved. I’ve put the name of the vehicle first with the movie title and then at least one image of that car / plane / boat from that particular film.

Check out these photos and see for yourself how many vehicles have been in Bond films and how many of these you recognise. Enjoy, make sure you go and Keep It Reel.


Annoying film news of the week

Every week, there is a bunch of new which is announced that annoys the hell out of me. Pointless reboots, sequels to films which don’t need them, actors taking roles they REALLY shouldn’t and plenty of more. Here’s my round of up of this week’s annoying film news.


The Grudge is set for a reboot. WHY?!



Fox have already announced release dates for The Wolverine 2, Fantastic Four 2 (before the rebooted film has been released) and an untitled Marvel film. Too soon guys, too soon.


the incredibles

The Incredibles 2 is in the making, as is Cars 3. Oh Christ!



James Bond 24 teaser trailer is a fake. So FUCK YOU to the person who made it.


fast and furious 7

Fast and Furious 7 will use CGI and body doubles to finish the film with the late Paul Walker. Just let the franchise go!


mike bassett

Mike Bassett: England Manager is getting that long-awaited sequel. Oh, I couldn’t be LESS excited…


rooney mara

An online petition to protest Rooney Mara starring in the Peter Pan origin story “Pan” has been launched. How can anyone protest about her starring in anything?! She’s fantastic!


30 Trailer Challenge: Trailer 13.

Now I’ve let these trailers slide a little. Sorry about that. However, it’s back. A new trailer which I have been waiting for. Skyfall has arrived. From the looks of it yes, it has some typical Bond scenes but you have to expect that. But it also looks different. It looks like it will change things for Bond and for the franchise. Take a look for yourselves and let me know what you think. I must admit I’m exicted, very exited.

The names fall, Skyfall. The new poster for 007.

The hype that surrounds each and every new Bond film isn’t entirely surprising, despite the fact they normally turn out to be the same full throttle, action packed flick. Though some are worse than others. There is the pride of British film making within a Bond film, as well as an at least partly British cast with whoever happens to be playing James Bond as well as M. However this time around, the hype feels fair and right. Daniel Craig returns as Bond with Judi Dench once again playing M but this time there is a somewhat famous face behind the camera in the shape of Sam Mendes director of American Beauty and Road to Perdition. We also have Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem and Naomie Harris bringing their superb talents to the 007 screen. Whilst I hate to get bogged down in such extensive publicity for a film which w haven’t even seen a trailer for yet, it’s hard not to get excited by such talent! So have a look at the new poster, simple as it is, but undeniably classic Bond.