Jared Leto To Play Morbius

For all you budding actors out there, after his last stint in a comicbook movie I’d stay away from this one unless you fancy receiving bullets, used condoms and a rat from your co-star. That’s right, Jared Leto is starring in yet another comicbook movie after his stint as the Joker in Suicide Squad he just can’t get enough. The second movie to be about a villain of Spider-Man’s, Jared will be playing Morbius.

No one is sure what Sony is even thinking be announcing something so bizarre before finding out if Venom is any good but hey ho. That’s how they are choosing to do things. Perhaps they have that much confidence in their cast and the film itself but these villain movies seem to be a way to cash in on the best Spider-Man we have.

A quick history lesson regarding Morbius, created in 1971 by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane, he first appeared in the Amazing Spider-Man issue 101. Trying to cure himself of a blood disease, he winds up with vampire traits including fangs and a taste for blood. Perhaps if they take this route it’ll be an interesting way to go but who knows what will happen??

Jared has been attached to this project for quite some time but not until now has he committed himself to the role. He met with Daniel Espinosa who is said to be in the directors chair for this one. Written by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama who both worked on Netflix’s Lost in Space series. There’s no release date as of yet but just like Venom, I’ll believe it when I see it.

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Jared Leto Getting A Solo Joker Movie

Do you remember Suicide Squad? Do you remember how terrible it was? (Basically a shit Guardians of the Galaxy) Do you recall the marketing was tailored heavily towards Jared Leto’s take on the Joker? Then we saw very little of him in the movie? Well apparently people want more of the clown despite how awful this particular portrayal was. 

News coming out of Hollywood suggests that a solo movie of the Joker with Leto once again donning the make-up and stupid bling bling clothes is in the works. No plot details of course however Warner Bros. want to expand his story within the current DCEU. This comes months after announcing a joker origin movie which may star Joaquin Phoenix (but it probably won’t even happen so don’t worry!) At the moment, the studio is on the look out for a writer to create an initial script whilst Leto will be taking on the role of Executive Producer. 

This is the latest movie being announced as part of the DCEU, with Wonder Woman 2 due out in November 2019, Aquaman being released in December this year (trailer apparently coming soon), Shazam out in April 2019 plus ANOTHER film for the Joker exploring his relationship with Harley Quinn. I believe Honest Trailers put it best when comparing his performance to that of a cat and Ace Ventura. Do we really want to see more of this? 

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