Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Well well, Mr Abrams has FINALLY given us a fat piece of Star Wars news to chew on. We have a beautiful new name, a huge hint has been dropped in The Force Awakens.

I personally love this name, it’s a smart move and it’s given fans a lot to go on. The Force Awakens, to me, says that the Force in some has been dormant for quite some time and something may have happened to wake it up once more. But I have NO idea if that’s accurate, I’m not going to read too much about this film until next year.

star wars 7

Now, I may sound a tad naive, but I want to avoid all plot revelations and spoilers until the trailers start to roll out. This should happen at the start of 2015 now that filming has ended. Recently a photo was released of a card given to all cast and crew along with an official crew hat which had the VII logo emblazoned on which signified the end of filming a couple of days ago.



There’s been a lot which has been released but never to this level. The end of filming and the new name gives fans more to look into and more to look forward to. I cannot wait for the first trailer. Hurry up JJ!

Here’s a couple more images of the read through and JJ Abrams standing next to something very exciting 😉


jj abrams


Keep. It. Reel.