Jonah Hill Becomes A First Time Director

Whilst Jonah Hill may primarily be known as a comedic actor, however that’s not going to stop him from flexing his dramatic chops behind the camera. Mid90s has been written and directed by the star of 21 Jump Street as he pushes his career forward with his first directorial debut.

Showing the story of a young boy who is growing up in LA in the 90s, the film stars relative newcomer Sunny Suljic as well as Katherine Waterston and Lucas Hedges. The trailer shows what he goes through on a day to day basis as he wants to be treated as a grown up, rather than a child. Something I think we can all relate to, even though of you who haven’t quite grown up just yet (me).

Coming from the critically acclaimed independent company A24, the studio has had success with previous releases including Lady Bird, A Ghost Story, The Florida Project, The Lobster and American Honey. This is the first time Jonah has teamed up with the studio but not the first film he’s written. Previously his work includes TV series Allen Gregory, as well as film 21 and 22 Jump Street as well as Sausage Party. Looks like this is going to be very different to any of those. The film is set for release in October this year

Keep. It. Reel.

30 Trailer Challenge: Trailer 14

Recently the thought of a new film with Ben Stiller in it, is as bad as thinking of anything with Adam Sandler. Essentially, you dont want to see it, you don’t want to see the trailer, you don’t want to read about it and you regret the fact that you heard about a new film with him in it! However, I feel with this trailer, things may have changed. Maybe even just for one film. The Watch tells the story of a suburban dad looking for excitement and so forms a neighbourhood watch where they find themselves having to defend the Earth against an alien invasion. Now I admit this is not the most original idea for a film, someone looking for excitement gets more than he or she bargained for. From the look of the trailer and have Richard Ayoade on board, chances are, they could have a fine comedy on their hands. What do you think?