Star Wars exhibition at Harrods

If you’ve not heard of the Stars Wars exhibition currently taking place at Harrods, I don’t blame you. The publicity has been kept to a minimum, apparently to primarily target those who want to buy any of the items on the display. Yes, ANY OF THEM.

From Propshop comes a collection of replicas from The Force Awakens as well as some really beautiful artwork that goes well with several items on display. You can buy BB8 (I WANT! I WANT! I WANT!), Kylo Ren’s helmet, the blood-stained Stormtrooper helmet, even the Millennium Falcon, it’s remarkable. As are the prices, that BB8 will set you back £10,000 and the Millennium Falcon? Well, it costs so much that I was not even privy to that information. The mind wanders…

With a very knowledgeable guide to take you round, some fantastic things to see, being able to sit in the parts of the Millennium Falcon and being in Harrods which is always nice, makes this a really worthwhile geekfest to go to. There’s the opportunity to make a personalised maquette which is 50cm tall. You can have the own action figure made to look just like you, choose from a Stormtrooper, TIE Fighter or Rebel Pilot. However, it will set you back £1595. Tempting. It’s on now until August 21st.

This is a free exhibition in London, of Stars Wars props, it’s very cool and really worth going to. If you want to check it out (why wouldn’t you?!) then book your timeslot here:

Keep. It. Reel.