Paddington Bear: finally we have a trailer

The fuzzy friend from my childhood has come to life once more as a digital version of his former jittery self (assuming you remember the old stop-motion cartoons). Paddington Bear is coming to the big screen. I’m not going to call this a long-awaited adaptation of the children’s classic because I don’t honestly know who has been waiting for it. Have you? No, didn’t think so! BUT I’m not complaining, I did love the cartoon, and I enjoy it when you have all of this nostalgia thrown in your face. However, the trailer is a little disappointing. Whilst it is obviously a fun family film, there’s parts which is find a tad troubling. For example, where is his lovely blue coat? and why is he, at one point, wearing nothing? I have never seen him without the famous hat and coat at the same time but here we see him in all his glory (pretty much). Why? I know and love the old school bear who would never be seen without these iconic items. Even when he’s out and about, trying to tackle the dreaded escalator on the Underground, all he’s wearing is his hat. GIVE HIM HIS BLUE COAT!

I’m not too concerned about it however, from the posters he will, at some point, be in his full gear. I suppose this could be a good thing. I did have a thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE, it could be a like an origin story. Where his hat and coat come from, who gives him his first marmalade sandwich and so on. It’s just a thought. What do you think? Keep. It Reel.

Paddington: a teaser poster has arrived…

I recently heard that the very talented and cool Stephen Mangan will be playing Postman Pat in a new feature film with the world’s most famous postman and his black and white cat. Now another one of my favourite boyhood characters is also coming to the big screen: Paddington Bear. If you have no idea who he is you are too young or just not very well educated in the history of brilliant animation. I’ve had several conversations about what I enjoyed to watch when I was younger and the fact still remains, no one ever had it as good as we did! This poster of Paddington Bear looks like the film will tell a deep and meaningful story, which is something I am hoping for plus the usual comedy I came to expect involving him, a police officer and a sandwich. If I have lost you, you REALLY need to catch up, buy the DVDs, find some youtube clips, watch it any way you can. There is no doubt I am excited by this film, which from the IMDB description sounds like Ted by Seth MacFarlane but the nicer version of course! Let me know what you think of this poster, personally, I love it.