The Dark Knight Rises video collection.

The Dark Knight Rises tickets for the Imax are on sale already, more than a month before the film is released. If you were like me, you would have stayed up to get them as soon as you could, to get the best seats and to enjoy the experience as soon as possible! If you aren’t like me, chances are you won’t want to watch all of these videos of The Dark Knight Rises including the trailers and several TV spots. And excuse the extreme Dark Knight Rises post, it won’t be a regular thing for those who aren’t a fan of Christian Bale’s gravel-esque voice!

And more rises from The Dark Knight…

SO many new images from The Dark Knight Rises, banners, posters and well, that’s about it. They aren’t great to be honest and to get the full picture, I’d say stick to the three trailers, you get a lot more.

There is one image, the last image. It’s Catwoman, well just her silver steel heel treading on one of Batman’s symbol, breaking it in two. The killer heel features as a possible hint to what we may expect, an utterly different Catwoman to what we’ve seen in the trailers. A more vicious Catwoman. The sign off from Catwoman, the two kisses and lipstick mark could be seen as a flirtatious threat in a way. It’s something we’ll have to wait and see. And one last thing, have a closer look at the lipstick mark, a symbol you may recognise in the gap.