Bushwick, review

Dave Bautista gives a brutal and emotional performance, packing several punches throughout this sub-par thought provoking film about a modern day civil war taking place in the New York suburb of Bushwick.

We are introduced to the town via an overhead shot through helicopters patrolling the air above, it’s an almost calming influence before being thrown head first into the chaos below. Lucy (Brittany Snow) arrives at the ordinarily quiet town and becomes caught up in the gunfire, explosions and fires. Running away from the violence, still confused she encounters two men who briefly trap her before Stoop (Bautista) rescues her with a brutal attack. Still in shock, Lucy is full of questions, however neither knows what is really going on.

The pair team up, desperately trying to get somewhere safe, encountering people in similar situations as well as having to fight against the militia several times over. During these scenes, the camera rarely stops moving, whether it’s following characters up some stairs, through a doorway, on a bike. It’s an almost seemingly continuous shot, with two cuts, separating the film into a three act structure. It’s a technique which works out well as it is consistently introducing new characters and problems to solve.

There are continuity errors, as well as low levels of attention to detail and it’s lack of knowing where it wants to go at times. This can be said of the characters too who, at one point, make their way up to the roof of a school just to head back down almost immediately. A couple of times, when a character is supposed to have died, you could very clearly see them breathing and, at one point, blink. It’s errors like these, as well a miscast Angelic Zambrana as Lucy’s sister, which is where the film doesn’t quite live up to its brilliant start.

The film certainly knows what it is, a messy no holds barred brutal action film, with its heart firmly at the centre. It’s superb central performances, incredible camera work and the use of sound (gunfights and explosions often happen to the side but are equally violent as those you see in front of you) can all be credited to the directors Cary Murnion and Jonathan Milott who have done an amazing job one the action with a small budget. However, whilst it’s certainly an enjoyable watch, it isn’t a memorable one.

3 out of 5.

Keep. It. Reel.


Iron Fist: first set of images

We’ve had a lot of new Marvel content flying out from Netflix this year and 2017 isn’t going to be any different. With Jessica Jones, Dare Devil and Luke Cage all having shows which premiered in 2016, it’s time to bring the fourth Defender on board. Iron Fist completes the foursome of new superheros who are defending (see what they did there??) New York. Iron Fist’s alter ego is Daniel Rand and played by Finn Jones of Game of Thrones fame. Now that’s not a bad career already, Game of Thrones then jumping into two Marvel shows once they all combine in 2017’s The Defenders.

About a month ago we were treated to a pretty decent trailer and now the first images have been released in anticipation of the show’s start in March. Not too much to see, besides what looks like a few shots of Rand training to become Iron Fist. He is a man who has lost his parents and who, after plunging his fist into a brazier containing the molten heart of a dragon, gains some magical powers. Standard stuff at your local karate centre. After a few years away, he returns to New York in order to fight crime in the city with his new found powers.

Exciting stuff! What do you think? Looking forward to it or is it overkill on Marvel? And just in case you’ve not seen it, I’ve thrown in the trailer at the bottom.




Keep. It. Reel.