BAFTA’s Rising Star 2017 Nominees

Award season is fully underway with The OSCARS coming up, along with the GRAMMY Awards and the Golden Globes 2017 in a matter of days. With the comes the BAFTAs who each year announce a list of rising stars they say will make an impact in the entertainment industry. Here’s their list of the 5 nominees, see what you think. Who would you vote for?


Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya recently starred in The Witch (2016) and Barry (2016), an early look at President Barack Obama’s life. Her new film, Split, is the latest from director M. Night Shyamalan which is due out this year and it tells the story of three teenage girls who are kidnapped by a man with a multiple personality disorder. Interesting stuff!


Laia Costa

Last year, Laia starred in Victoria as the title character who we first see on a night out where she first meets a man who is going to change her night and her life. The film was a technological achievement in film as it was one long continuous shot. Unlike Birdman, which faked that  technique, Victoria was really done like that and they shot it all the way through 4 times. It’s quite a film to be involved with, and her performance was perfect. We’ll see what Laia does next.


Lucas Hedges

Lucas stars in Manchester by the Sea, a movie which has the potential to sweep up a lot of the awards this season. It’s the perfect way for Lucas to showcase his talent in which he gives a sterling performance as the young boy who has to be taken care of by his uncle after his father dies. He’s also had small roles in Moonrise Kingdom and Grand Budapest Hotel.


Ruth Negga

Ruth, who has in the past appeared in World War Z and Agents of Shield, is hotly anticipated to be huge after her performance in the upcoming Loving. She stars with Joel Edgerton in a story of an interracial couple who challenge the anti-miscegenation laws in Virginia. A powerful sounding story, plus she stars in the TV series Preacher.


Tom Holland

Probably the most well-known of the nominees, Tom was cast as Spider-Man for the characters introduction into the MCU. He’s since appeared in Captain America: Civil War and has shot his own solo film. But besides all the huge blockbuster action of Marvel, Tom has also appeared in The Impossible and Wolf Hall. Not bad for an almost 21 year old with a baby face!

You can vote for your favourite star here and be in for a chance to win tickets to the BAFTAs.

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