Dunkirk teaser trailer released

It feels like Christopher Nolan has been away from the directors chair for quite some time now. It’s been around two years since the mind-blowing visually-stunning Interstellar hit cinemas around the world and since completing his own Dark Knight trilogy and now, he’s been a producer on DC’s Extended Universe. Well, he’s back and he’s back with a (almost) bang.


Last night a teaser trailer for the upcoming World War II drama, Dunkirk was released to eager Nolan fans, all very excited to see his latest piece of work. As expected we don’t really see much but from what is shown, it looks as if it will be an epic. What else would you expect from a director whose last film in the chair was almost 3 hours long? What we do see is an army who, one by one, look up at the sky. As they all turn and see what’s above them, it’s clear they may be under attack via air strike. What happens next remains to be seen.

Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think. With a high-end cast which includes Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance, this is going to be one to watch. There is one person missing from Nolan’s crew however, Wally Pfister, who has been his Cinematographer up until The Dark Knight Rises. I hope they collaborate again soon. The film is due for release July 21, 2017.

Keep. It. Reel.

Locke, film review


There have been only a couple of films in (my) recent memory which have primarily had just one main actor who was the focus of that particular flick: Phonebooth and Buried. The latter is better than the former however both have their similar merits. Both create a story from almost nothing using just a phone. Both happen where you can feel totally isolated. Both create a brilliant sense of hope even though it may be false. But just Buried has, what I feel is an unexpected ending. The same has been done again, one man, one phone, talking to several people yet still completely isolated. Alone.

Locke, starring Tom Hardy, is a journey of one man trying to get from Point A to Point B. It’s a simple as that It’s what happens on the way is what creates the image of the man we see in front of us. The only man we ever seen in front of us throughout the film. At the start, he finishes his job, takes off his boots, puts them in the back seat, sits comfortably in the drivers seat and gets going. After that, it’s Hardy’s face on screen for about an hour and a half, giving an incredible performance. Incredible because it’s all on Hardy. We hear voices and see the lights of other late night drivers, but that’s it.

During his commute to London, he speaks to his boss, his wife, both of his sons, his co-worker, his lover, the nurse, the doctor and a few others in between. Whilst his emotions remain on a slight simmer, there are occasional outbursts which appear to be out of character for a usual mellow and quietly spoken Ivan Locke. Despite his mellow mood, you can see the weight of everything happening through these phone calls resting on his shoulders, the stress slowly boiling up further and further. His outbursts are rare moments come with perfect timing whether it’s to do with why he’s taking this journey or how he’s trying to solve a problem in his construction site. they feel right

This journey is the result of one mistake Locke has made, a mistake which was a while ago and only recently has come back to haunt him. This one mistake has caused Hardy’s Ivan Locke to have a truly existential crisis. It’s with all of these elements where we see how the director, Steven Knight who also wrote Locke, shows incredibly strong human emotions in such a simple way. Hardly any reaction to what is happening to him, Tom Hardy’s face tells a lot of tales.

This is essential a simple film about a job going wrong and a man’s personal life in turmoil, all of which he is trying to sort out in one night. A strong leading man with an up-and-coming writer / director, a car and the road prove that’s all you really need for an astonishing movie.

Movie marathon: the survival guide.

On Friday night myself and 3 friends made our way down to the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square for the Ultimate Batman Movie Marathon. I’ve never done one of these before but I’ve always wanted to. It really sounded like fun, pushing your sitting down skills to the very limit, holding your bladder until it almost bursts, getting to watch some great old and new films in a row and spending time in my favourite cinema. What could be better?!

The opportunity finally came up on Friday to attend the Batman marathon which started at 8.30pm Friday and ended at around 10.30am the next day.  Quite a feat in front of me. I want to stay and I need to stay. Some throws down a challenge like this and you have to do it. Especially if you’re self-confessed film geek such as myself.


Before you embark on something like this, you need to prepare in some way. There’s is a lot to think of and only after completing this did I realise what you should and should not do before, during and after a movie marathon. So here are my very own hints and tips for surviving the long hours you will spend staring at the big screen.

1. Fatty food for films.

I met my friends at 7.30pm and we went for a few drinks and Chinese food. Good start!  The food was a very good idea but maybe not Chinese. Maybe something more filling like pizza for example. It helps you last without spending too much on movie food. Plus it tastes  better! Oh I love Chinese food…moving on!

crispy duck

2. Shit before you sit.

I always stick to this no matter how long the film is. Something I hate is someone getting up to go to the toilet in the middle of a film. You may miss vital parts, they make noise when they leave and come back in and you can avoid all of this by going before the film! I know this isn’t everyone’s view, it’s just me, I’m just saying it’s annoying! In other words shit before you sit.


3. As soon as you’re free, pee!

Having said all of that, you can always go in between the films. The Prince Charles Cinema give you a good 5 – 10 minutes in between which helps for buying snacks, going for a smoke or just finally letting it all out! With Batman, there were 6 films so plenty of time in between, just hope you get the same kind of deal!

During the Batman marathon, my breakfast included a large coke and a big bag of Maltesers. Not a bad way to start my Saturday. Although maybe popcorn would have been a better idea…


4. Move it, move it!

You’re sitting there. Only getting up for a few minutes at a time. A few hours at a time of being in the same position. It’s hard, no matter your age I promise. I once sat crossed-legged for 4 hours straight without getting up, I’m 28. It hurt. I kicked my legs out a lot in the final hour. What a feeling! Anyway, get up and move when you can. You may not need the toilet, be a smoker or want to eat or drink but get those legs moving. Shake your fat ass if you have to. I did! I did it a lot, it was great! If you don’t? Your legs go stiff, your knees hurt, have fun with that. MOVE IT MOVE IT!


5. Walk of fame

I left the cinema at 10.50am the next day and I walked to the station. I felt great! I felt like I have truly achieved something. Some may say a waste of time. I say no! It was an amazing feeling. I grinned all the way to the station. I was called a dirty stop out but how can this be? Besides the fact that I didnt shower or brush my teeth, I was totally clean, I swear! But what a great way to start my weekend. It will leave you with a great feeling , no matter what. You may be tired, you may have ruined your diet, but honestly, so what? You’ve just watched some great films, with some great friends (unless they do what my mate did and leave EARLY. Poor effort), a perfect night out and you won’t feel hungover the next day.

SO there you have it, my experience and learnings from my first ever movie marathon. From what I know now, this will not be my last. Follow these rules and you’ll survive the night, you will go home a hero.

The Dark Knight Rises video collection.

The Dark Knight Rises tickets for the Imax are on sale already, more than a month before the film is released. If you were like me, you would have stayed up to get them as soon as you could, to get the best seats and to enjoy the experience as soon as possible! If you aren’t like me, chances are you won’t want to watch all of these videos of The Dark Knight Rises including the trailers and several TV spots. And excuse the extreme Dark Knight Rises post, it won’t be a regular thing for those who aren’t a fan of Christian Bale’s gravel-esque voice!

And more rises from The Dark Knight…

SO many new images from The Dark Knight Rises, banners, posters and well, that’s about it. They aren’t great to be honest and to get the full picture, I’d say stick to the three trailers, you get a lot more.

There is one image, the last image. It’s Catwoman, well just her silver steel heel treading on one of Batman’s symbol, breaking it in two. The killer heel features as a possible hint to what we may expect, an utterly different Catwoman to what we’ve seen in the trailers. A more vicious Catwoman. The sign off from Catwoman, the two kisses and lipstick mark could be seen as a flirtatious threat in a way. It’s something we’ll have to wait and see. And one last thing, have a closer look at the lipstick mark, a symbol you may recognise in the gap.