I’m really so very sorry Paddington Bear fans, however these are too funny not to share! Someone, at some point, got it into their sick head to create one or two images of Paddington Bear standing in creepy locations from famous horror movie scenes. I want to show you what one hashtag (#CreepyPaddington) can do. This has gone haywire and whilst it may have begun with just a couple of images by one guy, there’ a lot more now.  Brilliant if you ask me, but sick if you ask any hardcore Paddington fan (do hardcore fans of this fuzzy little guy even exist?) They have taken one of the posters and frankly dicked about about with it, a lot!

Creepy Paddington 4

The original image, just above is in front of Buckingham Palace and this has take on a life of its own. Whilst it may have begun as a humble funny prank on the image, it has truly exploded, I’ve seen over 20 images of Paddington in very non-Paddington locations including in the Exorcist, in Paranormal Activity, Scream,Silence of the Lambs and then even going as far as putting him in the Kill Bill Volume 1 poster, Se7en, Fight Club, and so many more including THAT selfie by Ellen at the Oscars. Oh Paddington, you’ve done nothing wrong, besides stand there. Innocently. Quietly. Staring. Oh god, I can’t stop looking at his psychotic eyes, you scary son of a bitch, quit looking at me! SOMEONE HELP ME!